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EriiPii desu~ ₍ᐢ ̥ ̮ ̥ᐢ₎ *:・。


New Member
Hi!! I'm Eriipii.

I am new to the forum as well as to this wonderful world. I'm a simple girl who likes adorable and sweet things as well as pastel colors. I recently got the courage to sell my art as I wasn't very confident before.

Little by little I will be more encouraged to share my taste and art elsewhere.

Thanks for reading me! I hope to get along well with you! ₍ᐢ ̥ ̞ ̥ᐢ₎ ♥


I'll boop you with my mighty bappy boopers
Welcome and a huge hug for the newb
Looking forward to getting to know you *fluffs your nose with tail*


Just a fox.
Hello there, and welcome!

I hope you enjoy your time here! We're a pretty friendly bunch so if you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to reach out. The Games section has some fun icebreakers and is a good way to meet some of the regulars here. I look forward to seeing more of you and your art around the forums here.

Welcome again!