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Ermagerd, Pand's introduction


New Member
I just realized there was an Introduction category, even though I looked for it and didn't see. (had to spot it from the activity tab thingie on the forum) This is starting off well xD

Well hello there everyone! I'm a simple human being with simple looks from a simple city in Portugal. My name is Marie/Maria/Mary, whatever you want to call me, even though my Internet username is Pandemonium. I'm also 22 if anybody's curious. I spend most of my time on the computer, lazying my bones under a blanket, drawing on my Photoshop *cof* freelancing and playing MMOs. (Don't fool yourselves, I do have a boyfriend so I DO get out of the house.. sometimes)

I don't know what to say that'd be relevant. Maybe questions? I dunno ;-; I'm not amazing at speaking about myself :p