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Ethics On Fursonas?


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Hi everyone! Long time no see!

I want to ask if there are some things I must follow if I bought fursonas from artists. Do I showcase them on my profile? With links to the artists page (obviously).

I've never had my own fursona before (until a month ago when I bought two.) My thoughts came in when I read few cases of art stealing or not mentioning the artist.



If you buy a fursona from someone else, they give the rights to the design to you. I wouldn't say its absolutely required to link back to their page but if someone asks you if you made it, it is common courtesy to tell them who did. And if you wanna change a few things or don't want it anymore at any given time, you're not obligated to return the design to its creator.

Then again, i could be wrong. I did design my own fursona after all.


If you display anything commissioned, you should give credit. It mostly stems from people trying to take credit for others hard work.


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It's a courtesy thing. We all are here because of the artists. Their imagination, skill and dedication are what keep the fandom going. They take our ideas, crazy as they might be, and turn them into something... beautiful.

I'd recommend taking the few minutes to give credit where it's due...