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Request: Eva Lissinter (Request)

Blue Moon the Folf

Tsukuyomi Yuichi
Heyo! All I have is a description of my gal atm, but hopefully this is enough.

Physical Description

Eva is a tall grey-ish white goat with long ears, small horns, and purple eyes. She is a very voluptuous and busty woman, and also wears glasses. Eva also has thick, soft thighs and a nice, big booty. She can normally be seen wearing a long, black, backless dress (which is also really tight) with a black choker around her neck, as well as a purple heart necklace, some silver bracelets on her wrists, black heels, and she also has a tattoo of a purple heart with wings on her shoulders. She has long, red hair with black highlights that is usually kept down. She also wears a purple sun hat. Eva has a small silver ring piercing on her right ear.


Eva is a very carefree, laid-back woman that doesn't have much to worry about in life. She's generally very casual and passive in nature and isn't too serious until the moment calls for it. Eva is not an alcoholic, but she does have the occasional glass of wine when she wants to. She doesn't smoke either. She's mature and does like her men. However, Eva can be quite arrogant, is casual to a fault, can sometimes be too mature, and will occasionally be rather inappropriate in public.


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Here ya go! :D I tried.