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Evening all and hello!!


"always up to .... shenanigans"
Im new to this so please be gentle ;), ive been looking around on the forum for a little while and thought it was time to come on in.
From what I've see so far the community sprit is really good and welcoming so I hope to make some new friends.
I think I should of joined the community a lot sooner than I have, but hay ..... better late then never :)
First up I'm from the UK so as we all know ....... its always wet and cold, funny .... I think im getting used to it now.
I'm so impressed with peoples art that I must get someone / anyone / everyone to bring my character to life, so I hope I can be pointed in the right direction. I would be very grateful.
As for a few interests as above I love the art but can't draw to save my life, I do spend my free time gaming......maybe a bit to much as my partner keeps reminding me and films, I do enjoy a good movie.
I leave it at this and thank you all for your time