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Ever been afraid of sleeping?


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I kinda wish I had more dreams.
I sleep really heavily, so on a typical night I don't remember my dreams. The only times in which I frequently dream is if I go back to sleep in the mornings when I wake up.
My dreams aren't boring, but they're nothing to write home about. They're often kinda adventurous and disjointed, lightly referencing old games I've played, etc.
It's really rare for me to get dreams that are scary or sexy or anything remarkable.


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They just border on my actual life so much that I'm afraid one day I won't know if I'm dreaming or if I'm awake.

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And the act of falling asleep itself makes me anxious, because everything sort of just switches then. You start feeling weightless and everything starts morphing and then you fall and that's it. And whether you fall into a good or bad dream is up to chance.

sounds familiar...
did you have that to that you startled sometimes after you finally fell asleep and everything felt like your still sleeping?


Like how vunerable you are when you sleep?

like it's a total loss of control. not just vulnerable to outside things, but vulnerable to sleep itself. your body shutting down and there's nothing you can really do about it, at least not for too long.

...and then freddy krueger comes.


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my dreams are fucked. heres the last one i wrote down in detail after waking up.
as i awoke from what i thought was sleep, i gazed over to my door, there was a strange glow from underneath the door, peering in at me as i stood up. as i walked closer and closer, i heard beeps, and bloops, the dropping of coins into slots from what i could gather. as i opened the door and walked forward the door shut behind me. i was in an arcade, like something out of robocop. i was naked like arnold in the first terminator, and as i looked toward one of 3 men standing behind the glass counter covered in strange markings i realized i had been transported into a world unlike i had ever imagined. i did not realize i was dreaming, it was to real, the cigarette smoke filled the air with a musty cent mixed with sweat and stale cocacola.
i stepped toward the counter , about to ask where i was, but before a word popped out the man i had focused on had started screaming. " how did you get in here!" he screeched.
" i just woke up out of bed and opened my bedroom door and i was here" i stated confused and sounding afraid, like a dog was chasing me. "you came out of the repair closet" he sounded slightly inteaged now and his tone had changed to a sarcastic sneer.
"why dont you have the markings?" he asked with a smirk on his strangely now amused face.
"what markings? where am i? how did i get here?" i asked afraid still and more confused by the mans sudden change of tone.
"this is my utopia" he said smugly. "my little slice of heaven, far away from those who wish me unmade".
he turned away from me staring at what looked like an old pac man machine.
"your from the the first realm aren't you?" he asked changing his tone from sarcastic to uneasy.
"earth" he said with a frown. "yes but this is earth.... right? how is this possible?"
"another dimension" he stated proudly, " parallel to earth, you could say a mirror image"
"how do i get home" i stated now more to grip with the grim reality i was facing.
"im not sending you anywhere" he stated coldly. "your mine now boy" he screeched.
i ran to the door i had came from, as i opened it i realized it really was just a repair closet.
i locked the door, but heard no sound of him pursuing me, i wondered why the other men did not speak, even make a move. but their was no time, i spotted a duct in the wall next to an old jacket, with a Canadian flag on the left sleeve, as well as some old jeans.
i put on the clothes and opened the duct cover , a rush of air blew my hair back as i slipped down into the opening. i imerged in a strangely distopian looking earth reminiscent of total recall, robo cop, and blade runner. i saw android, and floating christlers. neon everywhere signs upon signs.
i walked towards someone holding a holographic neon news paper looking thing.
" excuse me" i stated meekly. "ex....excuse me sir, do you know where i can find the local police station?" i asked with a slight bit more confidense that the first try.
as the device disappeared into his palm, he looked at me like i had come from mars.
"what is police?" he said with a confused look on his face and curled eyebrows.
"you know, the ones that enforce the laws?" i said also confused.
" young man, i do not know where you have come from, but here on alstair we follow the rules of 8-bit jack, the ruler of this planet" he reached into his pocked and pulled out a glowing green cube.
as he pressed the button my face turned white, it was the man from the arcade....
his face lit up like a hologram from starwars, it moved.
i heard it speak " 10110110010101010100100100100100101" strangely i knew what this binary meant like a second language, " get the boy".
the man's eyes turned pink, he stood up and swiped at me, i ran.....fast.
i ran towards the nearest building, and slid through the doors.
it was empty, just a ware house it seemed, filled with ....no.
i looked around..."heads?" i stated to myself with a squeak.
almost human looking, but with robotic couplings on the neck.
the man from before burst into the building holding the cube.
" we are the only humans on this planet" the cube holo said smugly.
"i too awoke from slumber to find myself on an empty planet" he stated.
" something out of a scifi movie right?" "i soon realized human weren't a thing here, just androids" he stated smugly.
"no government, no rules" " i killed one , and strangely the internals were made up from old arcade games" he laughed.
"i made a wireless controller capable of broadcasting demands, and now simply i am a god"
" you cannot run, or hide, i am everywhere" he smirked.
" and i need a new toy" i ran past the droid into the streets, finding myself surrounded by pink glowing eyes. they descended around me. i woke up.


Sometimes when i sleep i think the sun is gonna expand and kill us all. It can happen everytime.

Yes i am often afraid of sleeping


I remember some dreams that were fucking weird. Well, when aren't they?

1) I'm in some place, arid, with trees around, something you'd see in Afghanistan, on the mountains. Aaand there are zombies. I'm with this guy and together we go through this place. We had silenced weapons and were in an artificial canyon of sorts. A little stream of water was wetting our boots. We shoot a few zombies in the head on our way through. Then we get out of this canyon and approach what seems to be a fort. We duck behind some cover but my friend gets shot and killed by a man dressed in black who was right behind us. So I lay there gazing up at him, terrified and shocked, for a few seconds. The man has the chance to kill me as well but he doesn't. I aim my silenced pistol at him, shoot and the dream ends.

2) I'm at the house of my paternal relatives. It's night time, then I hear a loud deep noise and notice that the place is all lit up. I look out of the window and see a nuclear mushroom turning the night into day. A second sun

3) I'm at my house. Two police officers come in one day, can't remember for what reason, and start making questions to either of my relatives. Then I pull out a gun and shoot them, can't remember why. The rest of the dream was a fucking torture because I actually believed I actually did murder those two people, and so for its entire duration I feel guilt for having done something that could have been easily avoided. I try to rationalize on the fact that I killed them, but I can't make any sense out of my crime. Waking up and realizing it was just a nightmare was one of the most relieving things, like, ever

4) I'm in a forest. I'm in hunting gear and have a rifle. Then a bear charges at me and knocks me over. He gets on his hind legs and just before he has the chance to finish me I shoot him down. What was so strange about this is that shortly after I woke up, so did my brother, screaming. Later that day I found out he had dreamt of being shot

5) I'm in a Karin Rebel (a 4x4 seen in GTAV) and am cruising through a rocky desert, like that one that's in the US, with tall red rocks. At some point I find Tuco (The Ugly from ''The Good, The Bad, The Ugly'') and make him hop on board. Then I look at the mirror and see that I am not me: I'm actually Clint Eastwood. What the fuck.



Dying in our sleep sounds terrifying to me. I'd like to know when it's coming, instead of passing out of the blue like that.


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Dying in our sleep sounds terrifying to me. I'd like to know when it's coming, instead of passing out of the blue like that.

Yeah, I agree with you.
Some people say that they see it as a peaceful and harmless way to go. But when I die, I want to be able to face it. Maybe speak some final words before I'm gone.


Personally I'd rather die in my sleep. If I don't know I'm going to die I won't have the chance to worry about it. Ignorance is bliss


Sometimes I get anxious of going to sleep. I think sometimes it's that feeling of needing to stay awake until I make sure I've done all my homework, except I've been out of college for three years now and there is no more homework so I just have this vague sense of something left unfinished that can never be satisfied. I also get nervous about it if I've been having awful nightmares, but that's understandable.

Mostly I just get annoyed. Sleeping is bullshit and takes me forever to get there. At night it usually takes me at least an hour to slow my brain down enough to sleep. And that's with all the mindfulness meditation, distracting myself with boring stories, and whatever other 'soothing' techniques I've been taught. Short of sleep aid drugs it takes forever and I hate it. >:C


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sounds familiar...
did you have that to that you startled sometimes after you finally fell asleep and everything felt like your still sleeping?

Yes, I've had that happen before. I hate it too because my mind still thinks I'm sleeping and things just feel really off. Like I'm dreaming but I'm still awake.


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Several years ago, when I was a Freshman/Sophmore in high school, my OCD latched onto the whole 'dying in your sleep', plus worrying about oversleeping, plus worrying about 'never having time for anything', so I was extremely petrified of going to sleep. So I just didn't sleep. I was blacking out in school, not remembering walking to and from classes, showing up in the wrong room or at the wrong time, and going until I would forcibly pass out in the floor when I got home from school, rarely making it any further than the living room. I suppose that's what happens when you run off of an hour to two hours of sleep a night, max, for months.

I still have this problem to some extent, though it's rarely an issue anymore and is extremely subdued. Mostly just some anxiety, and it mostly has to deal with being worried I'll oversleep, and I can still usually fall asleep fine.
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in mice their brain shrinks while asleep and the brain fluid increases speed by 10 times to clean their brain. we think this might be why we sleep too.

This is quite good to know. I always tell myself that sleeping is an unnecessary body function that out body don't need.


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I've been more afraid to be awake


Every once in a while I will have a dream that will make me not want to sleep because of course I don't want to have it again, but I also have to force myself to try to sleep because I work a lot and long hours and of course can't sleep at work and I don't want to sit here barely awake all night. =/ Not fun.


My dreams are often very vivid and fantastical. Every few months I realize I'm dreaming and try to convince others in my dream they're dreaming too. They never believe me but when I ask them what time it is or what day it is they can't tell me. That's when I say "ah hah"!


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Yes. Two or more days of drinking in a row and the following night is all cold sweat and unspeakable nightmares.


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Yes, I've had that happen before. I hate it too because my mind still thinks I'm sleeping and things just feel really off. Like I'm dreaming but I'm still awake.

the worse is i can't sleep anymore then cuz my body still thinks i do sleep and i start thinking about so weird stuff... gosh it can be so annoying.

Great, gonna have an even harder time falling asleep cause a bug just crawled under my bed and its not coming out of there -_-



Yes, I once had a series of bad nightmare when I was sick and tried to avoid falling asleep for about a week.


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Yeah I've definitely had times like that. It's pretty awful. Mostly I'm torn. I like sleeping because I feel better afterward... at least usually. And I have some interesting dreams most of the time. But I hate that it cuts into your life, y'know? Sometimes I wish I could figure out how to do that this one sleep thing that like, Einstein and some other geniuses use, where you're awake six hours and then sleep two, and repeat the cycle over and over, day in and day out. But I've heard it's really hard to get into at first, the first two weeks are murder.

Also I learned that if you take your sleep periods and make them chunks divisible by 90 minutes (ie you sleep 90 mins, 3hrs, 4.5hrs, 6hrs or 7.5 or 9), you will wake easier and feel better. But you have to figure out how long it takes you to fall asleep (roughly). It does work though! I use it most of the time except when I forget lol, and it really helps. If you know you can drop off in a half hour, which is standard, take the listed times, and set your alarm for that time frame plus 30 mins... it is amazing how you'll feel.


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I LOVE sleep. I can sleep for 10-12 hours if I have nothing to get up for, more if I'm particularly tired from studying, etc. After a set of exams last year, I slept for 17 hours. It's one of those pleasurable things that I just have no self-control over so if left to my own devices, I'll just over-indulge.

The trouble with this is that I can easily get legitimately nocturnal, and that's incredibly hard for me to get out of. It got so bad at one point, for a few weeks I was tired no matter how much sleep I had, just because it was day time.


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