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Ever Have Random Violent Thoughts?


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I butcher real pigs, I slice, dice and cook them.
That makes me so violent. I'm sure you do the same restless... or do you specialize on something?

Also... I have the urge to slap someone here.

I work out of New York, so most of the proteins we acquire are at least part-fabricated before they arrive. I'm not sure if I could actually kill an animal if I needed to (lobsters and fish aside). Never really had to "do the deed," as it were.

And who you are planning on slapping, Mikazuki? Hopefully not little old me. :oops:


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All the time. Its honestly so common I make jokes about them usually. Though I'll be honest its more like beating the crap out of people and how I'd do it. Most people would assume from this I'm not serious about it at all but I know more than enough ways to achieve them. I won't act on them clearly but I do have to say its a great way to freak someone out when they start trying to piss me off. They never try that shit again haha.
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I'm involved in people being gutted too often for me to have any particular violent thoughts.

I hate being angry. Rather just let things go. Being angry isn't healthy. :C


Mostly about myself or my cats. When my cat sleeps under my bed, I imagine my bed collapsing and crushing her to death.


Stranger Than You!
I have them from time to time. It is not always limited to wanting to hurt/kill people; in one of my labs at UTEP I was so frustrated with the project I was supposed to do that I actually asked the lab supervisor why I wasn't allowed to shoot the computer. (He laughed.)


Different ways to trap and lncinerate people with fire.

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Mine usually involves spontaneously transforming into my fursona in hyper-advanced mechanized armor...and blowing the fuck out of everything that deserves it with the armor's wing-cannons.