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Some starving artist or whatever
Hey there, all! Name's Savanna. (I have a DeviantArt of the same name as what I've got here, also. I'm still going to be using DA as my main art site--I just wanted to expand to a new site I felt I could somewhat fit in on.) I've been sorta setting up my FA and my forum account here for the last few hours or so. I'm still really shy and nervous about joining the sister sites, but at the same time I'm kind of excited about meeting others. On DA I don't really see a lot of my friends doing anything fursona-related, so that's part of the reason why I'm here. I really like fursona/furry/feral art and I've been developing my sona a lot more lately.

My sona may not be considered a true fursona, as they aren't technically covered in fur. . . They're sort of a manifestation or embodiment of things that interest me and/or fascinate me. That being said, sometimes they change their form. They're . . . interesting to explain. -u-'

A little about me would prolly be good, too, yeah? Uh, let's see. . . I've been drawing pretty much since I could first hold pencils and I haven't really stopped since. I love drawing, animating, writing, listening to music CONSTANTLY, watching animated/action/horror movies, playing video games, etc. I'm most active on my DeviantArt account, though I've recently uploaded several animations/MAP parts to my YouTube channel.

I say "yo" way too much and refer to anyone of any gender as "man," "bro," or "guuuurl." I'm not trying to be offensive or write your gender off as something unimportant, it's just a friendly, informal habit. If I use one of these to address you, then I prolly think you're a cool person and I'm starting to feel comfortable around you. If that makes you uncomfortable feel free to tell me and I'll try to remember. I also have a habit of writing "prolly" in place of "probably" and "preemuch" in place of "pretty much." I'm not confused about the spelling, I assure you. I just pronounce the words that way most of the time and took to typing them that way on informal sites.

I'm pretty chill to talk to, though I can't always guarantee that I'll be positive. I mean, I won't vent to you if you and I aren't somewhat friendly, so don't worry about that, and I don't drone on about how much I hate things, but I do suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc., and they all tend to take a toll on me. I do like making friends and contacts, though, so I won't try to chase you guys away with my moods or weird traits (I mean, I'll try- *wheezes*). Sometimes I can get really excited about things, so if I start typing in all caps or spamming keys (i.e. "aidhsagjdaakgjdkg" and the like) then that's why. That, or I'm just flustered, but like, not unhappy flustered.

So all this stuff being said, nice to meet everyone! I hope you guys can be patient with me while I wander about the forums and FA like a lost child.

Oh good lord, I really do sound like I came straight off of DA, don't I?


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Its not the human race, its just the human race
Welcome to another pit of weirdos.


The Autistic Otter
<self-proclaimed weird-ass freak, welcome to the club