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Examples needed;Taking Requests!

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Maza ska ki hetan wacin yelo.
I'd like to work up some more drawing experience and examples, hence, I'm looking to do some requests for people. I'm comfortable with pretty much anything; but, just in case, here are a few things you might want to be aware of:

be aware!
1. I have more experience with quads and human based creatures, but I'm willing to try anything!
2. Any subject matter is also welcomed, be as tame or wild as you like.
3. Request matter will range from a simple sketch to a -possible- fully done picture. Really, it'll depend on how I can best picture your character.

If you'd like to make a request, please post either a detailed description or a character reference, along with, if you have any, a preference on a scenario.

Examples can be seen:


Snuggle Puppy?
Much love to talented artists willing to expand their repitoire!

Age: 21
Species: Canid - Dog
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Height: 6'5"
Fur Colour: Pretty much black fur from head to toe, a deep blue tinge if anything
Eyes: Orange or bright yellow

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1451235/ (Mature reference pic)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1451239/ (Adult reference pic)

Posing, doing anything - preferably very, very nude. And.. Hot. :)

Smooch! xx


Oh, I'd really like to have one^^ will post the Ref soon...*has to find it* xD


Ok, found it^^

Name: Ceridwen
Age: 18
Reference (Non-Anthro): http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g186/Isychan/Contest1-1.png

Important: Please draw her hind legs not as thin as in the reference sheet. Please draw them more "feline", like the forelegs....thank you^^

I know it's probably a bit difficult since she's a non-anthro, but could you please try to draw her as alluring as possible?^^'

Thank you very much ;)
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Siamese, if you please.
My fursona is a siamese..(drawing in a chibi version): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...rawingscan.png

If i could get her drawn in a traditional Siam dress:
(think of the play in The King and I as well, i couldn't find any better picture)

The colours for the outfit are up to you.
She is a cream and chocolate brown siamese with bright blue eyes. her points come 1/2-way up her tail, legs and arms, as well as 1/2 way down her ears and around her muzzle (as you can see in my drawing).


FA Jogauni
Alright, here goes.

Have him in just a pair of jeans because the tattoo across his shoulder is something I don't want left out (refs included for all)

Other than that, I'd like him wearing a fedora (picture reference attached)

Here are the reference pictures I have for him (all in 3d) ::

Facial Markings (same on both sides):



If you'd like, here is the RGB value of the Blue Color
R 34
G 71
B 154

(This is my character's basic copy/paste message until I get my reference sheet done)

Well, if this is somethign you'd be up for, that would be awesome!



I'm the Pikabunny boy
Ok I would like a basic colroed picture of my fursona as a anthro. Here is a descript of him and a few refs.

His name is Deren CLawtooth the pikabunny, he appears like a rabbit mixed with a blue and white pikachu. He stands around 5'6" and wieghs little under 101 pounds, making him very skinny and a bit weak. His mian color is a basic blue color with a differnt shade of blue on his chest and belly. He has a pikachu's jagged tail with a fluffy white base liek a rabbits fluffy tail. He has slightly oversized ears for a rabbit that are slightly rounded with white tips, and a light blue inside of the ear. He has a light blue circle on each cheek as a pikachu has red ones. he also has a pair of jagged grey lines on his back liek a pikachu has a pair of brown. He has neck lenth black hair with ice blue tips, kinda liek what a emo would have. NOw for a outfit, I have neevr realy thoguh of one, so I am kinda just wanting no outfit or cloths other than just a pair of shorts.

Ok that is a pretty good descript I think. now ehre is my picture refs. Well I have oen good oen that shows hwo I realy want him drawn. and others with hsi colors and hsi animal form hehe.

Body ref- http://drakeclaw.deviantart.com/art/Deren-Clawtooth-93843565

Color refs- http://drakeclaw.deviantart.com/art/Deren-the-Pikabunny-85618505

Well there we go ^^ Thankyou so much if you do this for me. I think this si the best descript I have put togeather for him yet hehe.
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The Oft Mispronounced
Well, I haven't got much of a reference (a sketch of his head and neck, and I'm no real artist), but if you could draw a headshot of my soulform I would be very appreciative. :) In short, he's muscular, lacks eyes and a nose, and is covered in thick green plating from head to toe. The sketch is attached; could be better, I know, but I suppose it's enough for you to be able to get the idea, right?

In detail, there's a long depression where normally the eyes would be and it narrows down at the joining of the neck and head, and the scales within it are smaller and finer. The plating on the back of his neck, over the spine, is thicker and more raised than the rest. Since it's rather difficult to imply any emotion, you can just leave his face straight (read here: the way it normally looks) if you'd like.
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Why not, what you have posted looks great. :3 Care to give a feminine cheetah boy a try?


Long blond hair, blue eyes, average markings, feminine body. Quite kinky too. :p If you do decide to draw him, anything is ok with me. Latex crossdressing bondage, or just him sucking on a long hard Popsicle with it dripping down on his chest, up to you really. :] Thanks for the consideration and for offering these!


The Wild And Crazy Hybrid
I'd like to work up some more drawing experience and examples, hence, I'm looking to do some requests for people. I'm comfortable with pretty much anything; but, just in case, here are a few things you might want to be aware of:

be aware!
1. I have more experience with quads and human based creatures, but I'm willing to try anything!
2. Any subject matter is also welcomed, be as tame or wild as you like.
3. Request matter will range from a simple sketch to a -possible- fully done picture. Really, it'll depend on how I can best picture your character.

If you'd like to make a request, please post either a detailed description or a character reference, along with, if you have any, a preference on a scenario.

Examples can be seen:

You are more than welcome to attempt my character. You can put him in any position or situation you so desire. Included are three pics and a written set of bios..


I was wondering if you could do a pic for me of my wolf fursona, Axel Wolf as a gentleman? You know, top hat, gloves and all that fancy stuff. Well, here are some pics that might help you. ^^


Vodka Horse
hopefully me? :) im thinking of something adult feral! :)
theyre a pack, so i'd like at least 2 to do something together ;) i'd love to see bones, the german shepherd with the bones, taking one of his females while holding the collar in his mouth(but thats optional!), Akita, the purple one, or Dice, the black husky! I'd like it to be done in a beautiful big basket with a red cushion in :)


New Member
Best i can do is a Desc if your willing to try.

Your eyes fall upon a tall and muscular black feline that you soon realize is a panther, you would say he looks to be about 19-21 by standard aging systems, but one cannot truly be sure. His height sees him standing at about six foot three, with a build that can only be described a strong warriors. Upon closer inspection of his face you notice he has piercing amethyst eyes with a scar sitting just on the outside of his left one, below that hanging round his neck is an ankh with the two prongs below the circle curved downwards and instead of just ending, connect with the base. This beautiful thing is connected by a silver neck chain .His chest fur hides little of the muscular detail though another scar does show, this scar runs from his shoulder and going straight down his chest ending just before a well defined stomach. His arms Lay bare cept for a gold snake that twists around his left Bicep. As your gaze once again shifts down you encounter a weapons belt that has a dagger, two short swords and a strange looking steel fan. His legs are covered by naught but an ancient egyptian style kilt while his feet lay bare and unencumbered by shoes.


can you do one of mine??
could you get her to do a fighting pose or something shes a cat but she wants to say shes human so she has the hat covering her ears (id love you vary much if you did this for me!)


This is my new rapeface.
I'd amazingly much would like to take a sultry posing request of my character Retjzkai, I'd absolutely love it if you would be willing to do so!


Welcome to Fark
well, if youre still taking them, might i get one? im trying to see how other artists view my fursona, that and a cant draw worth crap yet XD.

Species/gender: fox-male
Age: 22
Height: 6'11"
Body Type: Skinny-slightly muscular
Clothing Style: wears pretty much anything casual, from jeans to shorts, t-shirts to hoodies... Ill basicly leave that up to the artist, you. one thing i would really want to include is his yellow tinted perfectly circular glasses, and his gold tail ring, which he usually wars 3/4 down his tail. everything else is up to you as to what he wears, as long as its nothing too eccentric.
Personality: [ok let me just say i feel personality is a major part of how a person looks and i also feel it helps give a better image of what id like] Basicly hes a bit of a hippie, constantly relaxed, bit of a tree hugger, intelligent, reads a lot, rebelious... stuff of that nature. He is however, a bit more of a modern hippie and a bit of a eurotrash freak
too. basicly, hes one unique little *****.
Hair:Basicly all he does with his hair is tie the back part only into a ponytail, which is rather volumous and fluffy on its own, and he leaves the front as it would be if it were normal. His hair color is black and it is about mid back length in the back. the bangs and top are naturally spiky and sort of end up in a bit more of a spiky tuft above the eyes. as for the sides, they are kind long and reach about his shoulders.
Pose: The pose can be pretty much anything as long as its him doin somethin like chillin. anything along the lines ofreadin a book, sittin in a hot tub, listnin to music, jammin out, sleepin meditating... hell, for all i care you could even draw him smokin pot for all i care, just draw him chillin in some way. i rather like the book readin thing though.

if you decide to do colors, hes a light blue and white fox with lime green eyes, nothin too special


Gothyk Industries
O_O I'm like never here in time to be in the first five anymore. Oh well. If you have a free space, let me know. ^^


Nostalgia Rider
This request might be ahead of it's time but, it will be fun to do
HR = Height Reduction

The Story of this comic/sequence is focused on Scoots and it will be a satire of those moral-driven episodes we remember so well (i.e. The Raccoons, Saved By The Bell)

For a very long time Scoots find it impossible to do anything at his height, so he's stuck with playing bass violin. A day later when The Cattanooga Cats are back on the road on their Gas Hopper and Scoots is starting to feel put down and it didn't take long for the group to notice until the end of their performace at a local county fair. when the gig is over they head on over to a hotel and while Scoots is a sleep Country, Kitty Jo and Groove wondered what it's like being at Scoots' height, after that they went to bed but a wishing star overheard what they said and it magically reduced their heights to that of poor Scoots by shortening their arms, their legs and their bodies even Country's neck get shortened. when day came the group woke up with a big surprise, they are no longer their original heights as they noticed while putting on their attire. Country's neck scarf don't fit him no more but his hat does, his clothes are now too big for him to wear but Kitty Jo shared the same problems. Groove's vest is a bit loose but still fits and then, out of no where a suitcase appears with copies of their clothes to go with thier new size and it came with a note it reads "Dear Country, Kitty Jo and Groove: I overheard your thoughts of what it would be like at Scoots' height so i converted that into a wish and made reduced you to Scoots' height for a couple of days so you see how difficult it is for your short friend

Nanami, the wishing star"

After reading the note, They put on the clothes that came with it. after that Scoots woke up to a surprise. Groove, Kitty Jo and Country are now his height, he was happy but Country, Kitty Jo and Groove will find out the hard way how hard it will be.

Day 1: The group already has problems after their height is reduced to Scoots' height, first off Country is now a bit too short to drive the gas hopper but Scoots fixed that with the wonder of his Magic Crayon, Groove can't reach any parts of the drums and the problems went on and on and Scoots' magic crayon went overtime to fix these problems

Day 2: The cats decided to call their tour on hiatus for the day, and decided to play with Scoots for the rest of the day just to get use to Scoots' height and as the Sunsets, the spell was over and Country, Kitty Jo and Groove return to normal and learned that's hard for people that are different than you to do things in the world

Scoots got newfound respect from his bandmates after the experience and their worldwide tour commences once more

Country: http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/7017/8f1fvc4.jpg
Kitty Jo: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/4504/5c6dxh7.jpg
Scoots: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/885/2edbuk4.jpg (Scoots does have thumbs in spite of what this model sheet wants you to believe)
Groove: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/7690/5c4fmv7.jpg
Gas Hopper: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/2140/7401fy0.jpg

as a bounus
The Cattanooga Cats in color and in action

P.S. Before you turn this down, You did say "I'm willing to try anything!"
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