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Expected Wait Times for a Fursuit


Sound Sculptor
I have heard wildly conflicting stories about how long the fursuit commissioning process takes. I just want to get a general idea of what to expect when I commission my suit.

How long does the process take? I'm not just talking the actual construction. I mean the whole thing: from getting on the commission list to receiving the suit in the mail. What should I expect? And what factors play into how long it will take?


Keep Smiling :)
That all depends on who you go with and how long their list is at the moment.
Some makers keep short lists, while others like to keep longer ones.
It isn't uncommon to have it be a year or possibly even longer if you go with a more popular maker.


My maker gets them done in 1-2 months but I'm waiting in a long queue. So they can't actually start it until the beginning of next year.


Sound Sculptor
Well that's not awful. It's less than a year (assuming you started the commission process recently). Honestly, the main thing I'm hoping for is that once I start the commission process (hopefully that's soon), I could get the suit finished by AC 2015. I was just wondering if that was a reasonable expectation.


Well, I consider myself lucky because my fursuit head took only four months but if you're talking a fullsuit that's going to take four figures, then you should expect to wait a twelve months.


Anything from two months to three years is possible. Sometimes even longer.

Personal experience:
Fursuit head: one and a half year
wings and tail: 2 or 3 months