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Experienced writer and graphic designer, specializing in furry content, excited to work on any project!


Two authors, two artists, two foxes
Hi there! Looking for someone to provide energetic, original content of any kind? My name is Gabriel Foxx - co-founder of social media label Doppelfoxx, furry author, and freelancer. I have four years of experience with the art of the written word and would positively love to see what we could work on together!

Freelancing since 2020, and published since 2021, I am passionate at work and dedicated to perfecting my writing to the utmost degree. I would love to work with you on any short or long-term project. I understand that the quality of writing is far more important than mere quantity, and thus generally I do not charge by the word, but my going rate is $0.05/word!

  • Writing experience: I have professionally applied experience with writing in all forms - fiction, non-fiction, content production, journalism - and am able to edit large amounts of text with unwavering precision.
  • Graphic Designer: I love graphic design and making your business stand out with a unique website, logo, or graphic would be an absolute pleasure. From book covers, graphs, and font optimization, nothing is out of our reach!
  • ️ Marketing Experience: As the co-founder of a social media label, and with experience in both physical and online customer service, I understand what makes marketing work and what can cause it to fail. Backed by expertise in advertising professional services, to interfacing with consumers, each word I write for you is certain to be a hit with prospective clients.
  • Technical and SEO Experience: With a thorough knowledge of both hardware and software, HTML coding, troubleshooting, search optimization (SEO) and more are all well within my capabilities and services.
My website/portfolio is available at www.doppelfoxx.com, with previous publications of mine readable at https://dogpatch.press/2021/12/22/nfts-hype-greed-fraud/ and https://www.flayrah.com/8526/furry-fandom-artist-culture-and-dangers-non-fungible-tokens.

I invite you to contact me at [doppelfoxx@gmail.com] for any project! More than excited to work with you all - let’s see what we can create!