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Connection Issues: Extreme Lag


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Currently the FA site is extremely slow to load pages, be it the home page, a submission, the login page, everything is immensely slow. I can assure you this is not my internet connection as I have done speed tests indicating my network is running at peak performance and all other sites it go to, including FAF of course load nice and quick. Is anyone else suffering from this lag? Is the server just overloaded right now? Or am I alone here, and if so, what is wrong and what can I do.

Thank you in advance for the support of anyone who provides help or enlightenment in this situation. :D


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It is in fact running very slow.


Hooray, here's today's "FA is slow as shit at night" thread.

Eventually there might even be some kind of reason put forward.


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The site is having problems during peak user times. Our techs are aware of this and currently looking into and doing maintenance to fix this.


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Site has been incredibly slow for quite some time now.
I can make due, not like I'll die if a page takes several seconds to load, but yeah, hope the issue does get resolved soon.


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The issue comes from people that are using mass gallery downloaders and those that attempt to "download the entire FA". When many of the start doing it at once it puts a strain on the servers.
Some countermeasures have been taken, with more being implemented during a planned downtime which will probably take place next weekends.


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I don't have any lag, really, just that absolutely no images load on FA. No ads, no pictures, no thumbnails, avs, nothing. Absolutely nothing.