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Eye for an Eye (City Feral Cat/Dog RP)


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EFAE is a literate, sited, realistic and discord based city cat and dog roleplay. There are multiple factions each with their own unique personalities and beliefs and ways of life. Read a little bit about each faction down below! It however is not a requirement that you join a group, and you can solo it if you so please! We are purely a discord based roleplay, all chatting, and all roleplay will be done in our server on discord.



The Lóngzú are a group of domestic felines living in homes around the Chinese District of lower-downtown Spring City. They are primarily house pets and pampered show-cats living in China Town with their human owners, though they consider it to be the opposite. To them, the master is the one being doted on and the pet is the one doing the doting. It is common for these cats to view themselves on-top of the world while everyone else who isn't Lóngzú is lesser than them, filthy and to be pitied. The name Lóngzú derives from the words Dragon Clan, they are named such due to the dragon statues in the Lan Su Chinese Gardens where they primarily make their hangout spot. Not only are they named after the dragon statues, they take pride in their name since they are named after the mighty mythical beast who demanded awe and respect from lesser beings. They consider it to be the perfect metaphor for themselves, and they make sure other cats know it as well.


The Kān mén gǒu are the group of dogs in China Town working alongside the cats they live with. They are regal, and value honor and loyalty to their code above all else. To the Lóngzú they are staunch guardians, and it isn't uncommon for friendships to form between them. Similar to the warriors of old, their first duty is loyalty to the Lóngzú, their masters, and to the Kān mén gǒu. To betray any of them is to loose your honor, and to shame you and your family. The qualities of the Kān mén gǒu are straight forward and easy to understand, they value their code and hold each and every member to the same standard. The Kān mén gǒu are a benevolent group, they believe that doing good and being charitable is an act of honor which will bring good will and good karma back around to benefit them. Those who are not benevolent and who look out for themselves would find it difficult to thrive in this group. Similarly, they highly value courage as a desirable trait. As guardians they are often faced with tasks which require some courage to get through. Battles to keep China Town and the Lóngzú safe are not for the faint of heart. By following the code laid out before them, they believe it is honorable. The traits of the Kān mén gǒu are considered to be dignified, and noble; those who are the opposite would not be welcomed warmly within this group. Loyalty to the Lóngzú and their human masters is an absolute must to the dogs of the Kān mén gǒu. It isn't uncommon for a Lóngzú to choose a dog for themselves and have that dog act as their own personal protective unit. To betray your Lóngzú is to loose your honor, and it is often cause for one to be ousted from the group. Respect and rectitude are the last two qualities a Kān mén gǒu absolutely must adhere to. They are a regal group who consider themselves to be righteous in their conduct and interactions with others. To be disrespectful without just cause is considered rude, and is often cause for the Shishi of the group to personally give a stern talking to the offending dog.


The Yúmāo are a group of cats who make their home at the docks near China Town. Name meaning "fish cats" they were lovingly named as such by Chinese fisherman on visiting the docks for fun or for work. They are known to often accompany said fisherman on their journeys, even hopping into boats and going along for the ride. Their days are spent fishing in the waters around Spring City and hunting for squirrels and other fresh prey which they then take to trade with the Lóngzú. Although they are street cats and strays, they are known for being incredibly friendly towards both humans and outsiders, even caring towards them. The typical Yúmāo is good natured, respectful and welcoming to cats and dogs both. However due to their experiences with the Outskirters the general temperament towards dogs can range from wary to friendly. Due to their friendliness towards outsiders and willingness to open their hearts and homes to them, they are rather lax about their borders. It isn't uncommon for strays who do not belong to the Yúmāo to be wandering around the docks, both dogs and cats.


The Black Chin are a crime family of felines living in the dump. The family itself are all blood relatives, however they have a following of lackeys and unrelated felines who give their time, respect and obedience to the Black Chins. These cats are feared by the Yúmāo and Lóngzú, and are also one of the two groups the Kān mén gǒu protect China Town from. The Black Chin themselves are banned from entering China Town, if one is found sneaking in the Kān mén gǒu have been given permission by their Shishi to eliminate them. It isn't unheard of for the Black Chin to be behind theft, extortion and even assassination and murders. The residents of China Town are aware of this and do what they can to protect themselves from the influence of the Black Chin. Black Chins, however will do whatever it takes to profit the family and benefit their lackeys, they are far from innocent.


The Outskirters are a group of feral, abandoned dogs who make their home on the far left side of the garbage dump. They have no true "society", living simply by the philosphy that might makes right and killing anyone who gets in their way. These dogs make a living by scavenging through the garbage dump, hunting cats and sometimes even other smaller dogs or theft. Outskirters are notoriously cruel and merciless, attacking anyone who isn't a part of their group on sight, and though they aren't nearly as powerful as the Kān mén gǒu they make up for it through scare tactics via their ruthless reputation and their intimidating mannerisms. The base they have built in the junkyard is decorated with graffiti and the mutilated bones and bodies of previous victims. If they wear a collar, its equally crude made of broken, rusted chain or spikes. Though their group is rough and aggressive, they have established a hierarchy. The Leader and Second-In-Commands demand respect, and are given it. They are the strongest dogs in the group and remain unchallenged due to it. In stark contrast, lower more submissive members are shown very little respect.

That is only a smidge of what these groups have to offer, more can be found on our website and discord. Interested in taking part? Great! Please meet us on our discord and start the joining process! Promise we don't bite! discord.gg/P6JRnqK
This roleplay is heavily based in the actions of the player, you are encouraged to take the lore of the groups and create your own plotlines with your own characters. Not only that, but this group is a general hangout group as well, if you enjoy making friends you are more than welcome to just chill in our server! Looking forward to meeting all of you in Eye for an Eye!


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Did quite read through all this yet, but I wanted you to know that I am interested. I have a fursona that was created to be feral, but has never been used in an rp, since feral rps aren’t common. I’m actually really kinda excited. If you can get more people, or even if you can’t, I would totally want to be a part of this.


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Hey!! I'm so happy to hear that On our discord we already have a following of people. We arent huge but it's a group of friends creating characters and stories together. Feel free to join our discord (link provided in the post) and get to know us a little and figure out the RP!