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FA Directory organizer script

Obsidian Eternus

New Member
Alright, I've got a problem. A couple years of downloading images from my FA watchlist has led to a huge home directory, mostly filled with FA files.

My solution?

Write a perl program to organize the approximately 30K files. To do this I would need to be sure of a few things though.

From what I've seen, a FA upload filename has three parts, separated by underscores:

  1. Ten digit number, appears to be Unix time. If so then 10 will suffice for the next two hundred years or so.
  2. Uploader's account name, which is comprised of letters, digits, '[', ']', or '-'. (a-z0-9[]-)
  3. Filename as provided by uploader
Is there any part of the syntax I've gotten wrong? And has someone already done this script?
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