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FA down?


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Connection timeout
Your request for http://www.furaffinity.net/ could not be fulfilled, because the connection to www.furaffinity.net ( timed out.

This is often a temporary failure, so you might just try again.

Been getting this for the past hour. Doesn't seem to affect all users, as a friend on mine in another state can still get on. However my friends from the same state (5 in iowa), Argentina, and UK cannot. Overall, I asked and 3 out of 11 can't connect.


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How every furry in the world reacts to an FA outage

That's more how I react if Google goes offline. Which I beleive has happened.... once? Ever?


I'm near Chicago in Illinois and it's not working for me...


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Was also down in CO, I am on right now, but no pics can be seen.


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I also can't connect.

In New Brunswick, Canada.

Edit: Now I can connect, but it's very slow and a lot of images don't show up.
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It goes down on occasion, only for about half an hour.

If Google goes down for half an hour on occasion for you, then its definitely not Google but rather your ISP's DNS servers. :) Google has a better track record than that being the worlds top search engine. *chuckles* Unless you meant FA goes down for Half an hour on occasion... That I could believe, its like a rollercoaster some days, up and down...

FA's down in Via Telus in Western Canada.

Okay, seems back up now.
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Still down for me.


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How every furry in the world reacts to an FA outage

Also not working in CT

i loved that part

PS working fine in Germany


FA has been working just fine for me here in OH. Maybe about a 5 minute downtime yesterday (December 27th), then back to business as usual. If it does go down, make sure you've got yourself extended to other places if need be, otherwise, there's plenty more to do.