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FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon


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please whatever you do don't make the servers pure servers for TF2 if you make TF2 severs. i like to keep my skins thanks like my HD sniper skin or my 4 shot grenade launcher (its a mod that removes the extra 2 un-needed slots for grenades. places the other 4 neatly around and rotates each time you put a grenade in a slot)


For a Pessimist I'm Optimistic
Garry's Mod:
Sandbox Build Server on freespace_06
PHX, Adv. Dupe, Weight Stool.

Wire is just a Network Whore, and soo easily to Exploit and Crash with. So don't add it. Let's try and restore some of the Ingenuiety to Gmod with a Sandbox Server that dosen't actually consist of Wired 200-prop Raep Vans, insta-duped Raep Wired Turrets, and anything Wired that could berefit the Fandom.

Also; here's something you haven't considered, a Furry RP server... While at first it sounds maaad, given decent enough Roleplayers, something like LightRP Reloaded... It might be a Hit.

And I've always wanted a Gmod Space RP Server, just Spacebox, with ULX, and maybe a Adv. Dupe and Weight Stool. No PHX, No LS, No Wire, No other random 200-file downloads, just pure and simple "Launch into space, fly around, and land elsewhere..." kinda fun, without the common drudgeries of spending two hours preparing to launch your ship, only for it to explode moments later from a C02 Overload or some random spazz.
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