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I honestly miss those days were the profile groups were active as it helped many people meet others with the same interests on Furaffinity. But of course now few are active and it’s can be hard to meet other furries with the same interests.

So I’m sure many proposed the idea of having a group function on furaffinity which would be great it would be a lot easier for furries to find other furries with the same interests and maybe a nice place to stay on. Kinda like how deviantart has a group function for people to make mini communities for their own species/creations to just a group for a specific game etc.
I honestly would love if furaffinity adds a group feature soon I would be on FA everyday check out groups.

if this doesn’t happens soon I might want to remake the FA-Groups but I’ll doubt it would get big.
I agree, Groups like they have on DA is something I would welcome especially now that Eclipse imploded DA.
Ya it would be amazing to have something like DA I really hope they consider the idea it would make it easier for people on furaffinity to look for things they like but of course for FA staff it might be harder to look out for the bad stuff


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Yes, please! I'd love groups. They wouldn't even have to be that complicated. Perhaps a single page that listed group staff, admin, and links of member submissions. Eclipse didn't even incorporate Groups properly, instead it just linked to older pages. It's very difficult to navigate any of it now.