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FA/IMVU Discussion

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Wiki says it's an acquisition.


Congratulations, Dragoneer. You've made it.


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In a partnership, you don't call your partner "boss". Also, the official announcement on both sides said "acquisition".


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Since when is Wiki ever a trusted source lol. But really, the choice of words for Partnership is dumb. Could actually cause a issue within a contract. But who knows.

Maybe not by itself, but these things typically have sources.


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doomed, we are all doomed.
we should quit now before shit hits the fan.

as I always say - don't stir the shit pot if you are not willing the lick the spoon


What about panderp? Didn't he have half ownership or representation of the site a while ago? Unless he signed that away or died he still has a say.
I'm curious as to what he has to say about this.


I think everyone should just cool their jets. No one can say for sure what will happen next. Just gotta sit and wait to see what happens.

No reason to panic.

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I admit that this decision frightens me, but I think that more good will come out of it than bad.


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Lol at all the white knights beginning to flood in.
First off: donation money. You guys said originally the money drive was put up before the DDOS. But now you said it was for the DDOS. This could mean several things, and I'm not very comfortable with it.

Second off: Dragoneer, I don't think you can sell a company without a 51% stake in it. Expect a lawsuit from that panderp guy. I don't even think what you did was legal.

Third: you may eventually want to step away from the site. What if it stops making money (actually, does it make any money for them?) and IMVU decides to let it go? Do you not realize how damaging this could be for the fandom?

Fourth: the fact that it seems you (allegedly) jumped into the contract without knowing much about it is scary. Whose to say our information won't be sold to third parties? I don't care what your reassurances may be, there could always be a "we reserve the right to make changes to this contract without notice" clause buried within. Companies like to do that.

On the other hand, perhaps this will be the best thing to happen to the furry fandom...ever. Maybe the fandom will be (partially) sanitized and all the creepy borderline illegal stuff will go back into the shadows where it belongs, you know, like how other fandoms operate. You never know.
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Soooo let me get this straight.

You took about 10k in donations to keep the site floating.

And then you sold it.

Just to clarify.

DragonJERKed again folks. What's this I hear about you not telling your co-owners that you were selling the site? Is there going to be some crazy legal battle or something in the future? Can you dispelled these rumors?


Yes, money to hire on coding support. Right now, we're fixing/upgrading FA's infrastructure to support larger file uploads (a new app server with 16-cores, full SSD and a storage server with 48TB of space). After that, investing resources into coding and technical support.

Are coding positions open to community members to apply for?


The fact that a false rumor about the contract rules was spread and Dragoneer originally defended that fake rule rather than debunk it immediately only confirms that he has absolutely no idea what was in the agreement in the first place.


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IMVU is funded by several large venture capital groups (some smaller ones too). Allegis Capital, Best Buy, Menlo Ventures, and Bridgescale. Big one is Best Buy.
So this means FA is at the whims of a large corporation, which has now swallowed a (compared to them unnoticeable but potentially worthless) poison pill. Bye bye FA. Or at least we will be forced to use Geek Squad for all of our FA technical issues/trouble tickets. The horror...

Even if these big companies have no say in IMVU, well, IMVU could see FA as worthless, too. "Not making enough money? Shut it down folks! Shut it down."
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Once more into rolling sea. Oh, how this ship creaks and groans!
Her passengers scamper to and fro, harkening to the heralds among them who howl of doom
and weep of endless misfortune on the horizon. The ocean sweeps the decks and batters the hull with unrelenting disdain.
Few life boats launch, the majority still firmly secured to their fastenings. Fewer still actually row for safety. Most simply circle the scene,
returning when the walls of water give way to pestersome waves and the gale winds subside to a stiff breeze.
She's been sinking for years.

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In the end, none of it really matters.

With IMNU behind FA, Pische is somewhat checked by a higher up. If IMNU is foolish and puts more malware and "pay to view" things on it, we can have a true exodus (as im sure actually paying for an anciently designed site like FA is out the question for most users.)

Might not be good for FA, but it'll be great for furries.
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