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FA Project: UI Overhaul


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Make the frontpage epic.
Separate the 3 main categories a bit better and show twice as many submissions in each so it's harder to miss new ones.

Or do what dA does, the number of frontpage links scales up with the user's resolution (mine is high, could use that).
I'm all for an overhaul as long as FurAffinity loads as quickly as it does now! That is the main reason I left DeviantArt for most of my purposes, DA was just too sluggish. I think that a significantly better search function is one of the most important things that could be done.


but actually one thing--
make mature and adult two different things, so that you can turn off adult but still see mature art. (a lot of refs and the like are marked mature and it's a hassle to toggle the two on and off)


So far its too early to say what I would want but I did notice you went from horizontal format for the advertisements to vertical. I believe a more pleasant format is horizontal. Vertical just wastes space at the top or bottom of the page and is very annoying.


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Submissions that are music or prose/poetry should be labeled as so. because thumbnails can be a little misleading sometimes
My biggest gripe with the current site:

No way to filter out certain content.

Before the thumbnail "update", I could block artists' galleries with AdBlock, so that they don't show up on the front page (they just appear as tiny black square), but I can't do that anymore because while "updating" the thumbnails, the file system for them was changed.

So yeah...a way to filter out via tags/keywords would be really nice. I mean, Inkbunny and SoFurry have features like that, so...why not FA?


A new UI is undergoing construction, you could ask Dragoneer about it. However given the issues currently at hand, it's likely to postpone for a while.

Also please note the date of the last post (above yours) in the thread, moderators and administrators may consider this as necro-posting. But this is just advice from me.


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Hi, just short suggestion. It would be a good idea if you will integrate "Twitter bootstrap" framework in the UI. You'll get modern beautiful UI layout for free. It will be also responsive which will enable you make this site mobile and tablet friendly. Bigger buttons, bigger titles and more "air" between items would make it much better experience. Also if you will keep some sort of navigation scheme and reflect position in navigation area. Those are basic UX tips I think. Good luck with it!

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I am going to assume that the Site runs on Java coding, If this is the case I suggest you should try upgrading to C++ It is a lot more stable and there is a lot more you can do with C++ than Java (Evidence is Runescape upgrade to the NXT Platform which uses C++)

Also if you are going to be upgrading anything on the site you should give users the ability to delete their own content from their page if they wish to. You basically say we retain the copyright to the content however we can not delete our own content though this isn't a violation of copyright law it is still quite annoying to those wishing to delete content that they no longer wish to have viewed or wishing to leave FA completely.

Another good upgrade would be to add a members list, which has several search perimeters IE; Artist type(Writer, Fursuter, graphical artist etc), Alphabetical order, Numerical order( assuming there is a numerical system) and so on. This will make finding artists easier for users.

Give users the ability to deactivate their account if they wish too, this goes in line with being able to delete content if a user chooses to deactivate their account the account should be placed in a 7 day limbo so to speak where should the user change their mind(Not likely) they can cancel the deactivation process at the end of the 7 days their account and content are automatically removed.

Mature and Adult content should be able to be viewed separately.

A grouping system for submissions by folder, currently you can categorize submissions together, however when viewing it becomes hard to select the correct submission while viewing, the idea would be that if you group the submissions together in the same folder and you click into that folder you would be able to view only the content inside that folder.

Submit as a book option, this would enable users to submit their content as 1 whole submission even though the files or submissions are separate submissions and allow users to flip the page just like as if they are holding and reading a book (Submissions of this type must be in the same folder.) As users add chapters to their submission the system would automatically recognize where the chapter belongs because while submitting the user can select where the chapter belongs with a numerical category.

Better labeling system for user submissions for categorical purposes.

You should work with the F.A.W.D Furaffinity writers directory and help make it easier to use the system to find written artists this same thing can be used to help find graphical artists as well and can be applied with my previous suggestion about adding a members directory.

Also add a way for users to be able to block specific content, with out having to just block the user, this will enable users with a better browsing experience.

The last suggestion I could pose is that you should change the way written content is uploaded to the site, Perhaps using Sta.sh like Deviant Art did, as it appears to be a solid and actually 100% of the time work method of posting written art.

Security upgrades:

These upgrades would aid in the protection of your users and yourself from attacks such as the one that happened not to long ago.
*Add security questions, set preset questions for users to pick from or allow the user to set their own custom questions
*Add G-Auth or Authy Security system into the sign-in and allow users to select to be able to stay signed in for 30 days if they wish too and remove the captcha system from the sign-in process also add G-Auth or Authy Security to the registration process

These are just suggestions of course and most likely will be disregarded however I hope that they are taken seriously. Some of these suggestions may have been mentioned before.
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I am going to assume that the Site runs on Java coding, If this is the case I suggest you should try upgrading to C++ It is a lot more stable and there is a lot more you can do with C++ than Java (Evidence is Runescape upgrade to the NXT Platform which uses C++)

I actually quite like your suggestions in your post above (I've only quoted a small portion to avoid a large copy/paste issue).

However I somehow don't see FA supporting an OAuth or other such system for logins, but I do so like the idea of the submit as book, e.g. ePub or something like that.

Just to clarify, FA (as far as I know) is written in PHP and MySQL, hosted on Linux servers (I believe RedHat, but I may be wrong), with nginx as webserver (instead of something like Apache). This information is speculative based on previous posts made by administration and information gathered from public sources.


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It would be nice to have the comic option on the browse page moved to the "category" drop down instead of the "type" drop down, as there are alot of situations where I (as well as others i assume) would love to sort for comics of a specific subject matter.
A few people have already talked about it but I'm surprised I'm not seeing it a whole lot!

ever since the FA-groups profile page is dead and doing groups by pages isn't something that really works anymore for anyone.
I know groups may not be high on the list of things to add to FA and probably be a lot more to manage to worry about groups that break Terms and rules but I feel like its something that would be great for the FA community so people can add art pieces to a group related to that piece instead of looking up tags for a certain theme, etc. not only that I think it would help bring the community together more and help artists, commissioners, and just people want to look at the art they like! but please I beg you to add groups it would be an amazing thing to add!