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FA Secret Santa


the < to my 3
Hello, forumites.

I've seen this done in a couple of places (and I hope this is the right section for this thread, if not, kick me tfo into the proper place :)) and I'd love to do it here. A "Secret Santa" art trade type thing.

It'll work like this: You sign up, then draw a picture for the person you've been paired with.

If you're interested, leave a comment here and I'll keep track of them all. If enough people show interest, I'll pair people up (secretly of course) so that everyone gets a picture, and nobody will know who gets their picture until the "due date" (which at this point I think will be New Year's Eve).

Is anyone interested? If you are, leave a comment here and we'll see if we can get this ball rolling! It would also be a good idea to post what you would like a picture of. Nothing too complicated, preferably--don't want to overwhelm your gift-giver. xD


the < to my 3
And it'll probably be LATE NOVEMBER by the time I finish getting things together...

and some artists like to have a little time to draw their gifts!



Noir Fetishist
I'd be interested in doing it. Definitely sounds fun. Lets hope the person that gets paired with me actually likes my art too. :p

As for prospective gifts, I'll leave the actual subject matter up to the artist. I'll list some genre's I'd like though:

~Something science fiction-y or in a cyberpunk type of theme
~Dark and spooky
~High fantasy
~Art Noveau
~Victorian or Gothic


I'd also find it intersting... just wish I had a scanner... : (


the < to my 3
We could have trades for people who would like to trade stories--if you'd like to trade or receive a story instead of a picture, just note that in your reply.


CGN runs a huge Secret Santa every year, max $10 in trinkets or gift certificates; usually Timmies or Starbucks etc. While this would open the Secret Santa to those that can't draw/write, it would have some persec challenges.