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FA users and Skype


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...ughh some furries should NOT use Skype. There are those who can only give one word replies, those who ONLY want to RP and then there are the ones who just guilt trip you into a corner. Why are furries so bad at social skills?


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Good question. I guess some of us got some social skills, but I don't. I'm arguably the most socially awkward person in the f*cking universe.

But there's not only us that give one word replies, and I guess bronies want to RP too.


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Um sylox...Aren't you one of the furries who has bad social skills as well?

For me, I can get be a little awkward from being nervous about what I'm going to say and how someone will react to it. This usually happens when I'm talking to someone face to face or through text/call for the first time. It takes at least a few good conversations for me to really get how that person communicates and what they like or dislike talking about. At that point, its smooth sailing


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I'm Skype contacts with a number of people on this board. I only talk to two, maybe three of them regularly, but I don't think we're horrible when we socialize.


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i just got skype the other day ! idk if it will help :x heh heh heh im one of those ppl think is really outgoing but i attempt outgoingness because i know what it's like to be introverted for 5 yrs at a time

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I once had over 30 contacts on Skype and am now down to 4 by my own hand. I get that this community focuses heavily on roleplay but what's the point in talking to someone if you don't even take the time to get to know them and find common ground? You'd think roleplay would go over a lot more smoothly in that aspect and you'll be building relationships that will last a very long time.

In a way I have pretty much given up on Skype because a lot of the people I add only ever want ​to roleplay; to me that makes you a very shallow and uninteresting person. :/

Oh and then there are the ones that have nothing but a fucking depressing Skype status most of the time, a real downer.
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Ugh, don't get me started. I met this guy on a dating site and we added each other on Skype. So did we have a fun conversation about getting to know one another?


This guy had the social skills of a crumpet. I had to force the whole conversation, while he gave the shortest replies ever, such as "yes" or "no". He didn't once ask anything about myself, so when i asked him "is there anything you want to know about me?" he replied "i don't like forced questions". The only time he opened up was when we got on the subject of PC gaming. Face palm

Now i can forgive shyness, but if you can't interact with someone over Skype, how the hell do you expect to interact in RL when you go on a date?


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Out of the people I've added from FA I only really talk to a few of them, it just kind of happens I guess.

I had one guy who tried to roleplay with me, I said no, and he got really depressed and miserable and tried to guilt trip me, he wouldn't stop so I blocked him on FA, and then I get a note from another user saying "Oh, so you're one of them...." then I get a message on skype as I forgot to block him there with him going "Oh so you read my message then"

So creepy, then he tried to guilt trip me further before I told him to stfu, he then decided to blame the FA community and said they made him like this. >___>
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nor have I ever roll-played. A lot of people seem to do it though, is roll-playing fun?

Generally, it is. You can have some nice, creative conversations and create all kind of stories and interwined plots; plus, you have a lot of fun if you "click" with the other person. But as the OP says, people who just want to RP (and generally, sex roleplay) without any kind of pre-conversation or, you know, get to know each other tastes and such, can get incredibly awkward and boring, not to say roleplays are to be done in moderation as well.


I've role played with a few contacts on Skype and ill admit, it is fun. However, I only do it when I'm bored or whenever I'm asked to. I don't understand how people can get desperate and guilt trip one another to RP like Naesaki said. That's just pathetic. At least have the common decency to take "No" for an answer.

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The only people I chat in Skype:

Naesaki (Well nowadays I'm too shy to chat with him now with his boyfriend around XD)



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I chat with quite a few people from FA on skype and some on Teamspeak when I get the chance to get on. A lot of people on FAF are quite interesting people to talk to. There are others I would like to talk to but I generally get scared of messaging people ^_^

Also from the times I've spoken with Sylox he isn't that bad guys, he is just weird on FAF but not outside it :)

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The reason most people are a bunch of self absorbed weirdos on Skype is because they never go outside to learn how you're supposed to talk to someone and not how to persuade the other person into paying 30 more caps for repairing a radio.


Skypes pretty awesome when you're not working or socialising in RL. I like the fact that i can talk to other people across the world and listen to how things are where they live. Most people i talk to on skype are quite interesting and funny. Its scary how fast time goes when you're having a fun conversation.


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I've had tons of situations where I've tried to talk to people on Skype or Kik and they make zero effort to keep the conversation moving. Fair to say they got deleted pretty quick.


I've had tons of situations where I've tried to talk to people on Skype or Kik and they make zero effort to keep the conversation moving. Fair to say they got deleted pretty quick.

I've talked to people like that, Its so painful. Ask them a complex question that should provoke a decent answer "dunno." "whats your opinion though??" "never thought about it." T_T