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Fabulous football players


lately the NFL draft Michael Sam came out of the closet (during an interview i think) and it has been stated that he is the first openly gay NFL player ( Just the first?!). so i wondered how do you think it will affect the other football gay players, the gay comunity in general, the football fans or if he'll just be forgotten forever in the sands of time?.


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Honestly, on the football side of things, I hope nothing changes. Having a player be gay shouldn't change the game whatsoever.


We'll see after he gets drafted (and where) and how he does in his rookie year. If he does well, it could mean a change, but if he doesn't perform no one outside of the people who already care about gay rights and stuff are going to care or remember him.


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He's the first gay football player to come out in the NFL, but not the first gay NFL player by a long shot. I'm sure it won't be that big of a deal, especially with him being as good as he is.


Well they say that winning solves everything in sports, so if he's not caught Out of Position and is not isolated by the teammates or homophobic football fans there shouldn't be any need to take him out of the Divitions


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Wait... some football players are straight??

Sorry, I had to. :p

In ask seriouslyness it really should not be a big deal. He's gay? Okay cool note go play ball or whatever you say at football (I'm a baseball boy myself)