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Face off (Like the movie)


I pounce i bounce.
Oh no you've gone and done it. You had to press the button didn't you. A flux in the dementional rift has created a change in nature. Your face. Your face is no longer yours. And the people around you. They are not who they appear to be.
Before we start with the rules. I like to make a few statements.
This thread will stay open for about a week.
Any changes done as a result of this game should be seen as temporary.
After the thread closes i should hope everyone returns to their personal pfp (dont worry this will make sense in a bit).
Now onto game description and the rules.

You have your fursona. Got to walk around as your preferred creature of choice. Ever wonder what it would be like to walk around in someone elses shoes? Now you can. Today we're swapping pfp's, ya know for laughs.

The rules are simple.
1. Reply to the above user, comment and attach an image of your avatar.
2.wait for a person to reply to you with a profile image.
3.take the attached image from the person who replied to you, change your profile pic, and enjoy the forums as some one new for a day.

Bonus points if you get an avatar of someone you know.

I delight in chaos. Be nice to one another, and have fun. ^w^
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Blue frog
Ooooh I wonder how it looks like to be me! There, give it a try!



I pounce i bounce.
Hey Nihles Have fun being a cat for a while.


Being a frog has been fun. *mlem yoshi noises*
(I plan on closing this thread in a 2 days
Feel free to jump back to your original pfp at anytime and feel free to post again)