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Facebook groups and pages


Hello gaize

There's probably loads of groups and pages on Facebook for us fuzzies, but the thing is, not everyone knows all of them. So, I am opening this thread so you can link to pages/groups that are of interest.

I'll start with Furfagets United.

Mods, you can move this if it's in the wrong place.


Nazis, Communists and Antifa don't belong on FA


No..just no.


Most of the Furry pages I have been on are butthurt as hell. Especially the "morally-inclined" ones that drag their idiotic beliefs into everything.

No big surprise there.

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No thanks....If some of my friends knew if I was a furry and did research of it and got bad info then they'd hate me forever.


No wait I hate you
Most of us would lose our reputation if we liked that on Facebook. This is not helpful.


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thist thing called furry...

Kaspar Avaan

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There's actually a Fur Affinity group on FA.

From what I've seen of FAF in my short time here, even that group would be enough for the average user. FAF is FA for FAers who don't like FAers. Or Furries in general.

To associate publicly -- on Facebook, of all places -- with the average FA-Facebook user? Unthinkable! Especially if that's the alternative you give for not making Furries look weird. Poor Auntie when she Googles FA out of curiosity when she sees it appear on her nephew's Wall, only to be assaulted by dogdicks on the front page that have made it through the filters.
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Foamy the Squirrel's presence was the only thing it took for me to say "yeah, we're done here".

I don't even know how people find that crap funny. I tried watching it once and I didn't even chuckle.


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I dont think that will be a good idea.
You know that one furry guy who is really REALLY open about it, well there would be a lot more of those if we did this, and many furries do not want others knowing of there hobby.
And I think it would have more negative impacts in the long run, than positive for furries from FAF in general, worsen the already shitty public opinion of us.
Let the people who are devoting there time to actually improve our public image and do it right by themselves.
But I can see were your original train of thought was coming from, but again bad in the long run.


oh you silly people. haven't you heard of Privacy Settings? they have it so that only members of the group can see what is posted