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FaceBook Tagging...

Tagging people to make sure they see it?

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  • I didn't know people did this.

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Fuzzy drawing dragon!
So the past year. I did one of those things where FB takes photos from your time line and makes it into this fun video of your year. I found some pictures that were not related to me. I looked into it and found that my mom has been tagging me in most of the photos she posts. After spending some time cleaning my name off things. I told her to only tag me in photos that have something to do with me. She told me she was adding people to the tags to make sure they saw it. I responded that that's not what tagging is for. She stopped for a while then started it back up again. I asked her to stop again and she did. But the past few times I was over visiting she was like, "So.. can I tag you in our outing? >_>" And I said yeah. She then explained that she talked to my brother about it and he thought that was a good idea. I have sense seen him tagging me in random things now.

So what I want to ask, is this OK? Is this what tagging should be used as? Do do you also find it kind of rude?

I should add I never have a problem seeing all her posts, I think she gets annoyed if I don't like or comment on everything. =/


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I didn't know people did this, makes sense now why I see people tagged everywhere :p Personally I don't use Facebook very much, heck I wouldn't even use it at all if I didn't have to, but I don't think tagging someone to something isn't so bad if you just want them to see it. Though it can be a problem if it happens too often, like for example you might one get tagged by a friend in a status like 'Can't wait to get drunk tonight!' and then they tag you. You might not even be invited to that party but because you've got tagged it means people who see your profile are going to associate that moment with you, and these days it's worth keeping in mind because this stuff never really gets erased and one day a potential employer is probably going to look at your page.


I don't think it's wrong to do it. They might just want to share something with you. It might not be what it's intended to used for.

Personally I don't do it myself, but I do occasionally set who gets to see what posts I make. Tagging means you'll get a notification, which is why both of them do it. They're guaranteed that you'll see it.

Anyway, love your mother- love ya' brother no matter how embarrassing they could be.


Fuzzy drawing dragon!
Anyway, love your mother- love ya' brother no matter how embarrassing they could be.
I do love my mom. =3
My brother.... It's iffy. I'll just say he has shown no interest in me unless he wants to use me for something. =/

Most of the posts they tag me in are like renovations to there house or where they ate out that night. Nothing that would make me look bad.


It doesn't bother me to much but I'd rather be tagged in stuff that relates to me instead of random stuff.


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Lol, this was the reason I deleted my Facebook soon after I got one. I don't think it's *rude* or at least not for the person doing it. It's a "feature" of the invasive software that aggressively maps out social networks, finding patterns of demographics and social patterns for things like marketing, espionage and even background checks (terrorists have actually been caught this way, I believe). Social networking tools like Facebook are probably the most heavily-used tool in cyber warfare.

TBH, it was things like the startups I saw form, that crunched data for companies to be used for hiring people that really turned me off. This is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to invading people's personal lives for things like work that should really be kept separate. Technology is scary in this respect. For example, drop someone's avatar into Google Images and it will find other sites where it's used.