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FAF 2016 Guidebook: Reporting!

Did you know about the reporting function?

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Quick tips for FAFing about

With XenForo, at the bottom of every post is the ability to report said post to the moderation staff! Once reported, it's dropped into a queue for moderation staff to review, discuss, and resolve quickly and effectively. The queue is at the top of every page for moderators and it's very... it... let's just say it's impossible to ignore.

You'll also receive a notification once your report has been handled by moderation staff!

If you see something, say something! Don't be a victim of abusive language or trolling D: That's a bad.

And above all else have a great day everyone <3
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Erm that's only for the forums, what about adding this feature on the main FA website. Several trolls slip through the cracks because the trouble tickets system is antiquated and unintuitive. We need easy, simple ways to report offensive posts on FA.


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Generaly if it something you can't handle take a screen shot of it and email the admin.
Please don't. We can't use personal screenshots as evidence in most cases, and contacting staff about site issues through means other than the ticket system without being directed to (sometimes we may ask you to send us supplemental evidence through email, for example) is actually a violation of Code of Conduct.

We know the ticket system can sometimes feel a bit clunky, but it's what we have, so we do ask that you use it if you have a problem on mainsite FA.