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FAF Highlights


Blue frog
Memes, trends, public RPs, quotes, games, threads! Share your stories about remarkable moments in the forums that made this place shine :3

I have quite a bunch of memories, it's hard to pick one to introduce the thread... but I think this one is enough a unanimity:


I mean. How many threads have we created to harass, glorify, godify this rectangular cuboid? I remember when I built their own public RP; when people would make a thread to praise all boxes; when we'd decide what species the cuboid belonged to; there used to be a Discord server owned by the cuboid; and the list goes on.

Also memes!



Blue frog
Hehe, and that time we all joined the cult of the box :3

@Some Moron
Many of us changed our pics into differently colored cuboids @w@ hell yeah!

I'll share something that got me introduced to this place: the Juice Bar RP.

It was a casual RP where we'd get our sonas from varied worlds to reunite in a unique place and share stories and moments together. I'd use my music painting powers to decorate the place and prank newcomers (@Ravofox, remember when I touched your drink and it made you sing like a flute and uh... take a musical piss? :D). Others would tell about their adventures, ranging from tales about Siberia, fighting against alligators and polar bears, to random, schizophrenic ones!
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Blue frog
This thread contains too many references to cuboids, what have you done, you foolish frog. :V
You now have the privilege of being featured in the OP! Consider this one more win for you~

Anyways, another remarkable thing, I'd say, is this thread:

forums.furaffinity.net: Predators and prey

Not mentioning the fabled Last Post Wins (where everything and anything happens), Predators and Prey ended up the perfect furry game thread to chill out while we play, and it grew so fast! However, IT NEEDS MORE PREY!!! *anxiously licks own lips*


Blue frog
Remember the Bidet thread?
If it's this one, absolutely! Twas a roller coaster; I've always been fond of these threads about other countries quirks, and it surprised me to see people still use bidets widely in some places. Also it tends to sparkle funny reactions when I show how we normally wash our nether regions here

Another thread that turned out enlightening, by the way:

forums.furaffinity.net: Country curiosities


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