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FAF's Transmission of Choice?

What type of transmission do you prefer driving?

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So what is your transmission of choice, FAF br/o/s?

I personally prefer stick. You simply just feel more connected to your vehicle. Driving is a fun activity instead of a brainless chore.
>Dat control
>Dat focus and coordination (which also keeps you awake and focused on the road)
>Dat left leg and right arm exercise
>Dat feel when hard launches and downshifts (not implying I beat my car like a five dollar whore, because I totally love it :3c )
>Dat fuel economy from shifting early and skipping gears

My first car was an automatic, and it was a completely frustrating bore to me. Not implying that it was a bad car, I just could not stand driving it, and tried to avoid driving in general like the plague because it felt like such a chore. It was also plain FUCKING DANGEROUS to drive when I was tired. I have had more personal experiences with this than I would like to admit.

Semi-automatics give more control than automatics, and I suppose they are more driver-friendly, but they are still a far cry from the feel and control of a manual imo.
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See ya latter ****ers.


I'd like to try manual.

Just because with my current automatic I have enough thought processes left to allow me to have a friendly chat with my reflection.

Roose Hurro

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I prefer one of those dual-clutch sequentials, though I've never owned anything other than three and four-speed autos, due to a bum leg (can't safely use my right foot on the brake pedal).


To address your complaints when it comes to automatics. Dat control: when it comes to four-speed autos, every one I've owned has either a button or a position on the gate for manually shifting in and out of overdrive... up or down from third to fourth or from fourth to third, as well as the ability to select second gear by pressing the main release button and moving the lever back. No, not quite like a manual, but not brainless, either. Dat focus and coordination (which also keeps you awake and focused on the road): Well, if you can't coordinate acceleration and braking along with steering, no manual trans will save you. As for focus, that is a matter of discipline, not of your transmission choice. People driving manually transmissioned cars still crash... still fall asleep or do stupid, distracting things behind the wheel (like texting). Personally, I drive with the philosophy "Car is body." Dat left leg and right arm exercise: Dat left foot (brake), right foot (gas) and right/left arm (steering) exercise. Oh, and using the right arm on your shifter to turn the overdrive off and on when needed (off when approaching stop signs or going up/down hills, back on when cruising in traffic or on the open road). Dat feel when hard launches and downshifts: I can hard-launch an auto simply by holding down the brake and giving it some gas to load the torque-converter... not very good for the car, most likely, but then, neither is a hard-launch good for a clutch... and then releasing the brake. And again, I have the ability to manually downshift whenever I want, just by manipulating the shifter/button. Dat fuel economy from shifting early and skipping gears: True, can't skip gears, but I can "trick" my auto into shifting early, if I so choose, simply by easing up on the gas a bit while accelerating. In my Toyota Echo (four-speed auto), I've gotten between 33-34 mpg CITY with only partial hypermiling.

Oh, and no matter your transmission, it is dangerous to drive tired... been there, done that, managed to survive. Don't wanna repeat the experience(s).


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I can't drive.

Kit H. Ruppell

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Automatic. I can devote more attention to what's going on outside the car.


Guess what mood I'm in today.
What's the transmission of the Chevrolet Camaro?


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Plain manual is my choice if I can help it. Even setting aside the added control of your vehicle and the fact that it makes driving more like driving instead of playing a videogame (press A to go!), dat downshift from 5th to 4th. Hng.

Rakuen Growlithe

Only driven manual since I'm not in a country where most of the people are too lazy to change their own gears.

Ad Hoc

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Manual, basically out of habit. I feel quite strange in automatics, now. Definite sense of less control. Although I will say that on long stretches on highway, which is what I mostly drive on, the attention requirement difference is basically nil.

It's also easy to find really fuel efficient stick shifters, though. Our two sticks get about 45 MPG--I've pushed them pretty close to 50 MPG with some (sane!) hypermiling techniques. Better than some hybrids, that. I hear that some of the newer automatics are getting just as good, but that's sort of meaningless to me for now, because we hardly ever buy cars that aren't cheap ten-plus-year-old fixer-uppers.


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I hate driving a manual transmission car. It gets on my nerves while I'm trying to focus on driving. Strangely enough, my ATV is manual and I love it so I'm just weird.


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I forgot what each one was, so I chose automatic. o_O. My dad drives a stick shift, and when I watch him do it, I'm like: No. I'd rather just change to one gear.

Rakuen Growlithe

Mentova said:
I hate driving a manual transmission car. It gets on my nerves while I'm trying to focus on driving.

If you don't think changing gears is part of the driving then you're doing it wrong. Also with just a little experience changing gears takes no more focus than using the brakes or indicators.


I'm about to acquire a 1997 Chevy s10 with a five speed.

I've only ever driven automatic transmissions. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm fucked.

Thoughts, FAF?


You got the handle the stick like a dick, with care, no savage jerking. Your dick may not mean much to you, but a broken transmission means a lot for your wallet. Remember that.


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I like the connection you feel with a care when driving with a manual transmission. Less is left up to the computer.


In the UK manuals are much more common. It's rare to find automatics. I love driving manual. However, when I eventually get a car I would like an automatic because the insurance is cheaper. Only reason.