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Fair price for an icon commisision?

Tiger In A Tie

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Hi everyone c: I apologize ahead of time if this thread is in the wrong section of the forums, please move it if needed.

So recently I've been taking on a LOT of icon commissions. They used to be $2 for one icon. However after the first two or three of them, I began spending more and more time on them and raised the price to $4. Some people are still saying that $4 is too low.

I'm afraid to raise the price because I don't want to seem greedy and scare away potential commissioners. You can see examples of my icons here -> http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6717495 and my most recent one here -> http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6733472

So how are my prices? Is $4 too low or too high? I need money and honestly would like to charge more but I want to be fair and reasonable with my prices.

Also, now that I think of it, does anyone have an idea for an average icon price? I know my art's not quite professional quality and I can't charge as much as more talented and experienced artists do, but an idea of an average artist's price for an icon might help me decide on a price.

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you!


witha teefa
Yeah, I'd say 7-15 seems to be average.

I would suggest raising the price a bit, all the way to $10 MIGHT scare off some people, but if you're putting $10 of work into it you deserve $10! But, if you feel uncomfortable making that big a jump right away, I guess $8? It's not as "scary" of a round number as 10 is, and you can always raise prices again later if you feel it's still worth more for your time/effort, and it'll be a little stepping stone for the people who buy your icons, I guess. Not sure of the sorts who purchase from you so I can't make an educated guess about that, sorry. :c


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Think about it this way: for every 5 people willing to pay 2 bucks there's probably at least one willing to pay ten. So you wouldn't actually lose that much money in the long run and you'd be doing 80% less work. It's not always necessarily losing customers that cuts your income.

(P.S I see you changed the submission to say $10 but the description still says $4; just fyi)


Mr. Red Flag
Change it to 10 and stick to it. If you're washy on changing it, people will pick at you to try and get it for cheaper. Just go "This is 10 dollars." Don't do anything like "I'm charging 10, i'm sorry if that seems too much! or anything like that. It's 10. End of story, lol. Any time you change the price, coming off as assertive is your best bet to keep that group of people.