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Fall Sale! Anything autumn related 35$US only!



That is CORRECT. Fall is my favourite season, the spookyness, the sweaters, the colours, ALL OF IT.
To celebrate, i'm bringing my usually 40$ price down to 35$ if anything you want is SPOOKY OR FALL-Y!

Up above are only examples, but if you want anything related to the season, spill the beans and i'll do it.
Painting size: 1980 x 1080 pixels
Paypal: Gabbybitez@hotmail.com
Please contact me VIA PM (Private message) here on the forums or in this thread, i check on a daily basis.
DO NOT send the money right away, wait until i show a preview of the finished painting before sending, don't want to spook anybody! (HAHAHA)

(This offer will be up until the 31st of October)


Get you're freak on with these halloween commissions! If you don't have any ideas, i can go psycho on it and come up with something spooky. *0*