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Which game should I play?

  • Fallout 4

    Votes: 5 21.7%
  • Skyrim

    Votes: 18 78.3%

  • Total voters


Å nei, cringe
Wait wait wait. Your New Vegas keeps getting fucked? Damn dude, that sucks. I'd definitely choose FO:NV or FO3.

Skyrim, IMO. FO4 is basically just Base Builder: The Game.

Firuthi Dragovic

World Serpent, overly defensive
Yeah, I don't know why New Vegas is crash-prone but it was that way for me too when I played it to completion earlier this year. It was crashing like every hour of play.

I unfortunately can't say anything in regards to Fallout 4 and Skyrim was something I last played when I had a way underwhelming computer (I had some issues that dulled the experience), so I'm not sure I can give a good opinion. I will say one thing, though - if you have any hoarder tendencies like me, I remember Skyrim was not particularly hoarder-friendly, especially not the way Fallout NV was.

Judge Spear

Well-Known Member
I'm deciding which game to get back into. I want to get back into Fallout New Vegas, but that game keeps crashing and breaking. So, should I play Fallout 4 or Skyrim?

Neither. Play Monster Hunter World.

Also I'm so glad I'm not the only one who experienced the fucking technical disaster that was NV. Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I say how broken that game was. Far more than usual Bethesda standards. Unplayable. Like literally. Even on console but I tried it on PC and it was shockingly worse even more immediately.

Eli Wintershade

Starting fires 1 by 1
Hm... i would say fallout 4 since we got the new fan made expansion Fallout: Miami to look forward too. If I had a say though I would say play fallout 1 or 2


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kids these days...



The violent man-eater
i'm not too good at shooting stuff. i grew up in the D-pad days.
i'm practicing but my aim is terrible.


New Member
Dank Souls! Sorry just kidding ;-) That's a hard one both are great but also emblematic of streamlining of RPGs and dumbing down for a casual gaming audience but I like FO4 just a bit more that Skyrim.


Will accept free hugs and tummy rubs.
This place is kind of biased, I mean Skyrim has anthro characters in Fallout doesn't, but even then Fallout 4 is considered a dud by most Fallout fans. You'd be better off just getting New Vegas again.

That being said, I love Skyrim, but if I were to take the Pepsi Coke challenge, I honestly like Oblivion just a little bit more. ... but then again, the kajiit and argonians in Skyrim are kind of cool, but they actually look scary in Oblivion, and not in a good way.