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Famous Last Words

Nexus Cabler

Abstract Concepts Coordinator
C'mon, big guy, you ain't so tough I bet, go ahead! Hit me with your best sho-


Well-Known Member
Hold on, I can see your problem mate, there's a bit of metal sticking out of the frame and it's blocking the transit of the guillotine blade...

Sam Akuchin Wamm

Well-Known Member
I remember one guy who simply said a date when he died and his murderer died on that date.



Level 32 Knight
"Yeah, no. I can easily drink 15 bottles of beer and a vodka no problem!"


A (Genocidal) crusader protogen with powers
Whats up fam, today were gonna pat this wild wolf!!!
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“Omfg guys, I just got a chance to go on Hell’s Kitchen and I’m going to see Gordon Ramsey! I’m so going to impress him with my cooking, wish me luck B)”

what happened when I got on the show: