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Free Art: Fan Art Requests [Closed]


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I recently put out a request to draw for you guys! Realizing your fursonas was real fun, and though I've not finished them all, I learned a lot in the process.
New thread: Fan art requests!
Post your requests here, be it Sonic, Animal Crossing, Beastars, whatever! A character as well as a theme/situation would be very helpful.

I can't promise I'll take your idea, I'm taking requests based on what I feel I can get the most out of, as an illustrator. I'm also (massively) limiting myself on this thread, as the last one was pretty overwhelming. So who I pick and how many might come off as kinda arbitrary. Sorry in advance for that.
Oh, I'll also be opening and closing the thread after I accept each request. if It's closed, feel free to PM me/post an idea, but do know I'm working on another image, and can't guarantee I'll open the thread again.

...With that said, either post a request, or PM!


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How about something with Master Splinter from TMNT? Specifically, the 2003 version. Maybe something like practising kicks or something like that? :3


Could you do two people in one setting?
Tanooki Mario and Kitsune Luigi flying side by side through a level?


Could you either draw a Deathclaw or Arcade Gannon from Fallout: New Vegas? If you're fine with doing both, maybe them facing off? If only one maybe Arcade Gannon posing with his Plasma Defender? Thanks for offering to do this for people!

Kosmo Kittypup

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if you wanna, maybe you could draw one of the SWAT kats! chance/t-bone, jake/razor, either of em, maybe doing a cool thumbs up and a wink? that'd be pretty rad.


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Thread open again! Not heard about the SWAT kats in a long while, so was super into that idea.


Maybe do a cute Yoshi picture? I'm fine with any color. =3


Or, if you're not into Mario...
Maybe draw Link and Navi from Ocarina of Time - old or young is up to you.


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I have a pretty old character in mind and a more recent one ^^

Since I don't know which one you'll like better, I'm putting the two here:
Lola Bunny doing a dunk (since she's a basketball player :) )
Zamazenta (the Shield of the last Pokemon :) ) sticking out his chest proudly while sitting. I had the "I'm so fabulous" vibe in head, like he's showing off his shieldy self :D


Can you draw this female space plane?? Please!! I want NSFW!!


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