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fan character: William the composite creature


-This isn't a fursona, I just wanted feedback on this character.
-This is a fan character of the Fraken Fran series so some of the names may be confusing.

Name: William
Age: n/a
Sex: male, but has no exposed genitalia
Species: Composite creature made up of several insects and a human base.
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 90 lbs (most of it is just exoskeleton and the added weight of an extended thorax.)

Appearance: Despite looking mostly insect, William only has two pairs of limbs (his left arm resembles the arm of a praying mantis, with large claws for gripping and stabbing, while his right arm is more human-like, with the exception of the fingers and palm being covered in bristles). Most of his body resembles an ant of some sort, with the exceptions already noted along with his three sets of dragonfly-like wings and an extended thorax that is essentially just a wasp's stinger (not a bee's, as wasps can sting repeatedly without dying).
His mandibles and the lower part of his face are normally wrapped in bandages because he retains a somewhat-human mouth, which is very vulnerable. He has both mandibles and palps, which extend out of a mostly-human mouth. The mandibles crush and slice what is possible, then the palps unfold from inside his mouth (they curl against the inner cheeks) to bring food in, then they are chewed with teeth similar to a human's.
His locomotion includes legs, arms, and wings. Though the picture I drew of him has him standing like a biped, he's much more comfortable skittering on all fours, occasionally using his wings to fly short distances. (Like, from the ground to the top of a counter). His back legs are digitrade for easier movement on all fours. They look like a normal insect's legs (e.g. a wasp, ant, or beetle) but are thicker and the bristles more pronounced.
Possessing a tongue, mouth, and partial diaphragm, he is able to talk, although his voice is high-pitched and buzzy, like speaking through an intercom.

Behavior and personality: His intelligence is mirrored to a human's because the man who created him wanted him to retain it, and therefor left his human brain completely intact. He is quick-witted and enjoys games of intelligence such as chess, go, or battletech (it's a cool game look it up). He is smarter than Gavrill (Fran's older sister) and Veronica (Fran's younger sister), but he's not as intelligent as Fran herself.
He is protective of all three of the sisters (Gavrill, Veronica, and Fran), so it frustrates him to see them fight. He constantly worries and strokes his antenna nervously whenever he's not on the move. Although capable of killing many, he prefers quiet days running about the lab or forest and eating small mammals.
He is very affectionate, though most are afraid just to approach him. He has a constant "I'm sorry" syndrome and apologizes profusely for everything, even if it wasn't his fault. William is very polite and dignified when the situation calls for it.

History: William was among one of the later creations of Dr. Madaraki. He was created to protect the lives of all three of Madaraki's most prized creations (the three sisters). He's more than happy to do his job, as only Veronica judges him based on appearance. When the three sisters took off on their separate ways, William first followed Gavrill, but had no interest in hanging around Professor Amatsuka, Gavrill's new caretaker.
After he decided that Gavrill was alright on her own, he moved on to protect Fran. When he found her, she had already joined up with Veronica, so it was a pretty sweet deal that he could protect the both of them while in the same place.
Fran eagerly accepted him into the ranks and often preformed exploratory surgery on him to understand how Madaraki constructed him. Veronica took no interest in being protected by him, but Fran was happy to allow him to stay, especially considering how well his antenna and bristles pick up vibrations. He often knows when someone is visiting minutes before any of the other lab creations pick up on it.

Skills/weaknesses/likes/dislikes: I covered most of that, ask if there's anything you'd like clarification on.


Unfortunately the history won't make sense to most people but other than that, does it sound like a solid concept?


He is very affectionate, though most are afraid just to approach him. He has a constant "I'm sorry" syndrome and apologizes profusely for everything, even if it wasn't his fault.

This line made me "awww"

I have a soft spot for insects, and your character seems really adorable. :3

Cool concept!


aww thanks bunches <3

I used to really hate bugs but I think I'm starting to like them more. They're just so fascinating (and sometimes really adorable, like bumble bees). |3


I use to be mega afraid of insects-- especially spiders!

But now I pick them up, and love watching them.
Also--I agree Bumble bees are the sweetest! <3