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Fan Clubs

Is having clubs on FA a good idea

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I've been thinking that FA should try and let members create thier own Fan club of a anime, film, game or Tv series. The rules are just the same as on Deviantart for thoose that own a DA page and in a or were in a DA club.

But it cannot be a club about a artist though like for example if someone created a club called "karabiner's fanclub" that kind of thing should be forbidden because most people distribute work without permission also its stupid that someone sets up a fanclub over one artist.

But before someone can create a club the member must be signed in first before they can create or view the status of thier club and the admin of a club (the creator of course) is the one that descides whcih picture to take from a FA member by note and submit it on FA if it follows a club's rules. If the creator is signed in they can have two kinds of message catagorys on the top right corner at the same time but the Artist's messages go into one catagory whcih I call "C.M." stands for Clubs's Messages for the club and as for the persons actual art gallery the catagory from thier recieved messages should be in "A.M." stands for Artist's Messages. but only the admin can a access these.


WelcomeTheCollapse said:
I hope there is specific group support, instead of just having to create another account and call it a group.

Would hope so, too: it ain't rocket science.

*looks over to coding team, ready to dodge any incoming* ;)


Helpless for you
Special Features

What kind of special features will we be looking for?

As I said in another thread, I presume there will be club administrators, then regular members.
Will the club have a gallery of its own? And favorites?
Will the club use its journal system like a club newsletter?

And anything else? =)