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Ice cream is the only way
Oh, don't you know? You gotta devote half your paycheck to pr0nz commisions, dumpster dive for a costume and parade around your city about your sexual fetishes.

I didn't miss anythin, did I? :V
Bonus points for constantly using furry lingo, even to those who aren't furries so that you may annoy the hell out of them that much further; Yiff, paws, mating, tailhole, mane, ect.
True fur4lyfe :U


nah pass, the 15th is my day where I hunt for discount chocolate samplers. Then present myself with gifts of adoration and love


New Member
I might do this actually, it depends. Sounds like it could be an interesting conversation starter. Although, if you were wearing long sleeves or something it'd be pretty pointless.


Parking Lot Enthusiast
Sounds like one of the gayest ideas ever to come out of Tumblr. If people actually do this, it will be the most socially awkward dorks that you wouldn't want to start a convo with anyway. Pretty pointless and stupid if you ask me.


In a world where fandoms are happy, cheerful, welcoming and perfectly accepted/encouraged, this would seem fine.
I don't know about you but this doesn't seem like that world. Okay-ish-kinda-slightly idea, bad execution.

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
Why is this thread alive?
This is stupid.
You all are stupid.

Hell I even feel dumber by simply pointing this out to you guys.