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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Fantasy Deer Flatsale ($15, OPEN)


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As it says on the title I'm selling this design.

Price: $15


By buying this adopt you'll agree to these terms of service:

- You can't say that you designed this, please credit me the first time you draw the adopt (If you tag me I'll be eternally grateful, I'd love to see what you guys do with them).

- If you post this image anywhere you have to credit me please.

- If you buy with money you can't sell them for more that you got them for unless they have comissioned pieces you bought for them.

- If I trade it to you for characters and/or art only, you can't sell them unless you have comissioned an artist, then you can add that price.

- You can alter the design, but at least try to keep them recognizable.

- You can choose the gender.
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