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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Fantasy Kemonomimi Guy Auction OPEN (SB: $60 / AB: $120))


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www.furaffinity.net: False Sunflower * Summer on the Golden Field by noirgladia

The clothing layered gif can be seen on my DeviantArt:
www.deviantart.com: [ADOPT][OPEN AUCTION] False Sunflower

SB: $60
MI: $5
AB: $120

Please bid at this bidding chain for easier to manage:
Comment on [ADOPT][OPEN AUCTION] False Sunflower by Noir-Gladia - DeviantArt
(You can also comment below or DM me if you don't use DA~ ^_^)

You'll get:
- Full-body and Headshot art: Full-size PNG file, transparent BG, no watermark.
- GIF files without watermark.
- Clothing sheet (Example: fav.me: [Comm][Custom Design] Isabelle (Clothes)).
- Simple-shaded version with palette.
- He can be used for commercial projects, just let me know if he is.
- AB Bonus: An animated pagedoll (Example: fav.me: [Comm] Novella) + A half-body sketch (Example: fav.me: [Comm] Hana)

★ Serious bid only.

★ The auction will end 48 hours after the first bid. Snipe Guard: 2 hours.
★ I'll contact the winner to confirm. The payment has to be sent within 24 hours after my message.
★ If the winner doesn't pay within 24 hours. He belongs to the next highest bidder.
★ I'll also post this on other sites so that more people can see.
★ About holding, your rights after bought, and other rules, please read my ToS: sta.sh: Noir's Adoptables - Term of Services
★ Credit me whenever necessary.

Character design © Me
Art © Me