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Fantasy RP {SFW}


Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN
Heyo! I'd like to do some RP with someone, if possible? I'm not very active on here so I'm hoping we could go to Skype, Telegram, or Discord! Anyway, here are my preferences:
Please be literate. RP with illiterate people makes me unhappy.
Please send at least 2 or 3 sentences! I can work with 1 sentence but I'd really rather not!
Please no god-modding. Keep your fantasy abilities reasonable or the fun gets sucked out of it. I'm here for RP, not anime XD

If you're interested, please tell me which social media platform you'd like to do the RP on! :)


Big Tough Werewolf
Hey there! I've never roleplayed with anyone besides my partner and close friends before, but I want to work on my skills roleplaying with strangers. :]

My discord is werewolf man #8763 if you want to discuss what kind of RP we could have!


Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN


Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN
You said it's fantasy, but did you have anything more specific in mind?
We could figure out setting and things like that in DM! I'm fine with any time period as long as I don't have to use medieval terms. Other than vocabulary, I'm fine with almost anything!