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Fast Food?

which is the best?

  • McDonald's

    Votes: 27 18.4%
  • Burger King

    Votes: 25 17.0%
  • KFC (/A&W)

    Votes: 22 15.0%
  • Subway

    Votes: 32 21.8%
  • Wendy's

    Votes: 22 15.0%
  • Arby's

    Votes: 19 12.9%
  • Pizza Hut

    Votes: 17 11.6%
  • Taco Bell

    Votes: 26 17.7%
  • other (please state)

    Votes: 42 28.6%
  • fast food sucks

    Votes: 32 21.8%

  • Total voters


Arby's for me. Roast beef sandwiches are more filling and taste a lot better to me than cheeseburgers or quarter pounders from McDonalds. Why I've never done roast beef on hamburger buns at home yet is beyond me. Plus, Arby's has seasoned fries and curly fries. Can't beat that.

My quick opinion on other places:

- McDonald's isn't bad, but you can really taste the difference of its food compared to others. I usually go for Chicken McNuggets for two reasons. One, because I've never thought about if any other restaurants sell them, and two, I keep thinking that's got to be slightly healthier than cheeseburgers. And they're more tasty and you can have honey mustard with it.

- Jack in the Box. Their stuff's okay, I'd say comparable to McDonalds because I really don't remember, it's good but not outstanding. What I wanted to mention Jack in the Box for is their Hearty Breakfast Bowl. Looks like mush. Tastes unbelievably good. Probably kills your arteries too, but anything's worth a first shot right? ...except a shot of rat poison to the arm, but you know what I mean. Breakfast bowl's not bad.

- KFC. Can't really say as all I had was the popcorn chicken, but that stuff's good. My only complaint though is they make it a little too crispy. I now know the danger of too crispy, it's hard to bite into.

- Subway. Ah, that hits the spot. Always do like a good sub. One time I went in without actually knowing what I wanted, so I kind of stumbled through the choices and had the guy suggest a few things to me... it still turned out really good. And now I know I want pepperoni with any sub I have from now on.

- Pizza Hut. I'm a big fan of pizza, so I've gone here a few times and really enjoy the convenience of those personal pizzas meant for one person. No complaints, everything's just peachy for this place.

- Taco Bell. Well, if I take off the stuff I don't like (so I just have hamburger, cheese, and -maybe- a little lettuce), it's not bad. I seem to recall the shells being worse and the food more soggy than what Taco Time offers, but it wasn't terrible.

Oh, that reminds me, I need to list two other fast food places I really like.

Taco Time! That's the best place for tacos. You hardly ever see commercials for it, but it's worth going there at least once.

Mongolian Grill, or any other place you know of that lets you fill up a bowl and have some guys stir-fry it up for you in a few minutes. Having a chef that does fancy tricks for you is optional but a fun bonus. I'm a big fan of stir fry in the first place as it fills you up fast, keeps the good stuff in, and actually makes vegetables palatable. I never liked carrots or broccoli before, now I know why, because I wasn't having them stir-fried. So here I get to choose what stuff I have in my bowl - I recommend picking just about everything as it all tastes great when cooked - and the chefs do the rest. Your tendency is to fill the bowl to the top, which results in a plate of food big enough that you'll feel ready to burst when (or if) you're done with it all. It's all you can eat too, just in case one plate's not enough for you.


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Domino's Pizza.

That stuff makes my tastebuds rave.

EDIT: Plus their stock code is DOM


I voted McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and "Other"
"Other" is A&W and I didn't want to check off KFC(/A&W) because they are NOT the same thing and KFC is fucking disgusting pig slop.

Wendy's is disgustingly undercooked and I get stomachaches every time I eat their greasepatties. Arby's is just revolting, except their curly fries.. Pizza Hut is disgusting, Subway is alright but I live really close to one so I'm tired of it.


Burgers: McDonalds, Burger King, A&W
Fries: Mcdonalds, Burgerking, Taco Bell, A&W [sometimes KFC]
Onion Rings: Burger King [zesty sauce] and A&W

In no order. Those are just the best IMO


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Fast food isn't that good, but it's not suicide like mass media is trying to hype it up as... I tend to like taco bell (actually, all YUM brands are decent imho... A&W is good.)

double decker tacos, 5 layer burritos, and fire sauce. That is all.

(Bean burritos have really been going downhill there. Nowhere near what they used to be.)


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Mamma Mia's Pizza family owned pizza place in Fresno god their calzones are my only weakness!


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I like Subway and A&W best. :3


KFC is delicious.
Thigh and drumstick, extra crispy, mac and cheese. :9


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Five Guys when eating with half the anime club (since pretty much only one person at the table ever needs to order fries), and Bruegger's Bagels when I'm eating by myself and really only want a bagel and cream cheese and a cup of coffee. It's just a pity the latter is only open 'til 4 PM and thus usually isn't an option for dinner during club breaks.

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McDonalds, they have quite a few cool themed ones around here and i can't get enough of their fries.
Burger King has delicious chicken nuggets. However, their fries are iffy.
KFC sucks, we have Popeye's here.
Wendy's has given me an upset stomach more than once by eating their chicken sandwiches :|
Subway is delicious.