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Fast Gallery Transfer to Weasyl?


Posting so you don't have to
I've had an account at Weasyl for a long time, but have only recently started actually using it, and I'm slowly but surely posting my FA gallery there. But at the moment it's more "slowly" than "surely".

I know there used to be a special tool or software that allowed for automatic transfer of your FA gallery to Weasyl and other similar sites, but when I searched for it recently, it seems that it's been unavailable for years. Does anyone know of another, similar method available for quick gallery transfers?


Hyena-Addicted Antelope
Bumping this thread!

I'm in similar situation. Got a lot of stuff to re-upload to Weasyl, which I neglected for a time. If there was an automated tool, it surely would come in handy.

Frank Gulotta

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On the plus side, if this function doesn't exist, it gives you the opportunity to build a cleaner gallery, excluding stuff you no longer like