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Fast lineart $25


Who wants pancakes? : D
I'm open to pretty much any subject matter and i'm quite accepting of peoples requests.
I have experience in:

♥ human
♥ furry
♥ animals
♥ erotica
♥ fetish
♥ clean
♥ portraits
♥ pinup
♥ ect

I will only be accepting jobs which I can finish quickly. This means that the style will be restricted to the style that comes most naturally to me (ie, do not expect fully rendered classical realism).
Drawings will be done by hand in pencil and a scanned copy will be sent to the client.

Examples of my style:

*note that this ad is for traditional lineart only.

I will not draw children in a sexual context.
I will not flirt with clients.
I will not begin art for new clients until after payment is received.

Comment on this thread or send me a PM.