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Fast, Quality, Anthro


Wolfie Artist
Contact me on my deviantart http://tharesan.deviantart.com/ FA doesn't work for me. I don't come to this forum often, so you may get slow service if you contact me here.

Commission I've ever done: 9

Commission Slots



Things I will do:

Animals (any type, feral, anthro, taur)
Safe Nude (no nipples or genitalia, nothing too suggestive)
Tasteful nudity
Nature Scenery
Character Design (color coordination and design, detailing, etc)
Almost any kind of scene: action, couples, etc

Things I don't do:

Porn or highly sexual content
Pictures meant to offend
Urban Scenery


Special Supporter Discount: Receive a 15% discount on any purchases after your initial purchase. You'll keep this discount as long as you remain a supporter in my eyes.

Hourly Rate: If you'd prefer to pay me hourly, I charge $12 per hour.

Line Sketches: $7

Receive a black and white line sketch. Choose between a straight white background or an authentic looking gradient background, to give the appearance of being drawn on paper. Especially detailed subjects may have a price increase. Can receive a color upgrade for $5 and a shading bonus for $3, a total of $8 if you want both.

Colored Line Art: $12
Shaded Line Art: $15

Colored or shaded line art.

Avatars: $15

A 500x500 avatar for your own personal use. Include any resizing you might want. Choose between painting or line art. I will include a slight animation if you want, for an extra $5, like blinking eyes or slightly waving hair. Ask me about my special if you want a fully animated avatar.

Digital Characters: $24

Have your character be painted in full color and shading, lineless, for $24. Simple backgrounds.

Digital Scenes: $40

A full and complete work of art, with details, backgrounds, whatever you want. Prices may be higher, if the piece is especially detailed.

Reference Sheets: Varies greatly, talk to me in note before asking the price.

And finally Masterpieces: Cost varies, talk to me in note before asking about the price.

I will spend quality time and effort on a picture and try making it as good as possible, without thinking of working quickly and taking shortcuts. This is the option for those who want quality and cost is no issue. Most of my other options will be rushed to some extent. So if you want high quality art, this is the option to pick.


Legal Jargon

Be sure to explain your ideas fully and I will make you a very rough first sketch to show you what I am thinking. I will not begin the final drawing until I receive the payment.

No refunds. I will allow some changes in the final piece, if you want.

I am not responsible for lost payments or mispayments. Be sure to type in my paypal correctly. If you lose your payment, it is your fault for being careless.

You are purchasing my time, effort, skills, and a digital copy of the requested artwork. You don't receive the creator's ownership of the artwork, meaning you cannot say you drew it. Credit must be given to me, Tharesan on Deviantart, the original artist, in all reproductions and all alterations of the original work. Reproduction and resale is prohibited, and must be discussed and paid for with me. You are allowing me the right to depict your character and idea in this particular work of art, which is the commissioned piece, which you cannot revoke without my permission.

You accept these terms upon payment.
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Wolfie Artist