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Fatal Frame/Project Zero...


The only similarities to the games are the Raccoon City incidents, Claire, and Chris.
They are meant to be kind of their own story.
Yeah, Chris is gonna be in the new movie, right?
But with what they did to his muscles on RE5...
Do not want.

Lucy Bones

Yeah, Chris is gonna be in the new movie, right?
But with what they did to his muscles on RE5...
Do not want.
Yes, he will be.
I thought the muscles were an interesting change. He was never very sexy to me, anyway. I'm a diehard Leon fanboy.


I played a couple of games from that series.. didn't finish either of em.
One part always stuck with me a really narrow passage, may as well be touching the girl's shoulders then twins come through the walls both sides."Run away! Run away!"
Oh what overly cautious and/or paranoid fun that game was.

Moses Supposes

New Member
Every few nightse and my friend ( also a furry ) broadcast on Justin.tv/mrfabulous. We're currently on fatal frame three and our third member is working o getting fatal frame four. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, you guys should come watch! Make an account and subscribe to get alerts. Or check my FA account ( mosessupposes ) or his ( gaybrielSandspaw ) for When we cast.

As for the ghosts, two scariest moments of my life were the ghost that drops fro the ceiling in the second one, and the hands over the water in the first. Oh yeah and shit in the house in the third one REALLY freak me out.

I hope I can get to sleep now... :p


I see the goal before me
Shit, guys.
I've always been a wimp when it comes to horror games. Like, I love to watch people play them, or watch walkthroughs, but when I'm in the hotseat... I scream like a little girl :c
So I decided to buy Fatal Frame (Project Zero for us in Europe) on PS2, to try and break the fear.
Worst. Mistake. Ever.
Thanks for the information.
I was tempted to play one horror game by watching few walkthrough videos in Youtube, but looks like I shouldn't do so. xD


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I watched my friend play Fatal Frame 1. I own and played the second one, I think it's awesome but I got bored of it and stoped playing. :p
As for other horror games I played, alot.

Silent Hill 2,3,4, Homecoming, Origins, and Shattered Memories. (Really want to play the first.)
Resident Evil 1,2,3,4,5, Code Veronica X, and Outbreak. (although RE5 isn't horror I'll include it. Also the live action cutscenes from the original RE1 are the best ever lol)
Haunting Ground. (All about running and hiding. I love it.)
Obscure 1 and 2. (It has co-op! And amazing music)
F.E.A.R. 2 (A fps horror. Pretty fun)
Siren (Hardest game ever next to Digimon World 1 and 4 in my book. Interesting though, you can see through your enemies eyes in order to get around them. I think it's from the same team that did Silent Hill but not sure)
Alone in the Dark 5 (Terrible)

Well I'm done for now. Think that's the most I've played. I love horror games.