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Was playing on CoD:Ghosts on the glacier town map, near the the edge of the map where you die from falling in the water was an enemy just there chillin with half of his body in the water, was doing the clueless operation so I just sat right next to him as he only was able to shoot the sky then ended his shenanigans


One time a ghost took over my ps2 while playing sims and shit went down. Fountains with water stuck in midair, people sleeping and unable to wake up. Fast forward not working. Barbque catching fire and sim standing there watching it and herself burn.

This happened after I deleted the grave stones and not before.(one grave stone was undeleteable)

another video game spooky: playing spyro the dragon and spyro falls in a water pit. When he sinks he just falls through and the loading animation comes up instead and he's just flying around and nothing is happening.

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