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Hug a wolf today!
This probably wont happen, but its worth a shot asking. Can somebody lend me their fursuit for halloween? Haha, i think it'd be the greatest thing ever for my neighborhood.
Just a stupid question, but pm me if anybody isnt to busy laughing. :p Thankies!


*Crawls into traffic*
... You want someone to mail you something that cost them from 800-thousands.. so you can wear it for trick-or-treating? >>


thats why i thought it would be a stupid question. But yea. lol
I don't think its a stupid question, but running around house to house grabbing candy in this unseasonal warm weather in someone Else's fursuit might be a bit crazy. You might rather ask someone you know well for a partial suit with gloves, feet, and a head only.

Fay V

Lost to this world
not to mention the fact that if you don't have a fursuit, you're probably not used to suiting. You won't have a good experienced spotter. You'll be learning the restrictions of movement and sight, alone, in the dark, in someoneelse's expensive suit around strangers as they trick or treat and answer the door and do not know that it might not be okay to grab the nose, or maybe some teenagers just want to fuck with you...yeah that isn't happening ever.