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Favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks?


Honest Foxy
Alcoholic: Any Malibu rum.

Non-Alc: Jizz.


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Havn't decided yet because I don't drink alcoholic breverages. Instead I drink Kool-aid and I LOVE it :).


~Giggle Giggle~
Coca-Cola and Stewarts Birch Beer. I don't drink alcohol.


Stripity Stud!
Alcoholic: Well, I haven't really had a huge variety, but I usually drink Rum and Coke when I go out. I tasted something called an Electric Kool-Aid once..and that was pretty tasteh.

Non-Alcoholic: Kind of a soda addict, so I drink a lots of that. Like pretty much everything. Sort of partial to Dr. Pepper I guess.


When in doubt: C4
umm..Alcoholic: White Russian
Non-alcoholic: Coffee

by the way, if beer is your favorite alcoholic drink, you...uh...need to get out more.


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Urrggg soo much to name so I'll go top 3 in categories
To drink regularly - Beer, Stella Artois or Carlton Draught, Sorry folks I'm an aussie pub bloke need my beer after a hard day!
Shot: QUICK FUCK!!!!!! Damn I got addicted to these bad boys wayy back when I started drinking LOVE EM!
Spirits: Vodka - Nothing beat vodka mainly screw drivers which is just vodka and orange juice, but I can drink cups of it like it was beer hahaha!!

Hmm I'd have to say fruits juice's and smoothies and Lemon, Lime and Bitters!

P.S I like booze, ALOT <_< >_>


Sniper Wolfie
alcoholic : pure vodka or jack daniels (all them tropical drinks e.g sex on the beach or coconut kiss taste like shite)
non alcoholic : water (nothin fancy 4 me lol)
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Burning In Atmosphere
alcoholic: too young non alcoholic: a mix of cocacola & pinito a spanish thing kindoff like powder well mixed togethere it tast like sweet malt soda


Rude Camera
Non: Arnold Palmer Ice Tea
With: Yukon Jack


My favorite alcoholic would have to be... Either an everclear mixer, or Jagerbombs. Also the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Non alcoholic is a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri.