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Favorite and most hated part of your job...

Butters Shikkon

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*Gasp* Don't say that D.Batty!! I wanna be an author one day, and I dream to own a physical copy of my work (though I'm sure tablets/e-books are the wave of the future...heh.)

@Jones, I've always wondered about book signings. I'm glad to hear they're not completely tedious...


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I am a seamstress.

The best part is when a customer is thrilled with the job I do altering their garment. Sometimes (but not too often) they will even leave me a small tip. And on days (like today) when my boss tells me that I worked really hard that day and she really appreciates it... and then lets me leave a little early, but still pays me for the whole shift.

The worst part is when someone wants something impossible done, or bitches because the price for their super-hard-job is more than $5, or when someone says that we did a repair on something and it broke again and wants it redone... when it wasn't done by us in the first place, or when it is a different thing that breaks.

That last bit happened today. The drycleaner we work with came by to drop off some work for us to do. She said that we had done this suit for the guy before and ALL of the repairs busted again so we have to redo it (for free). I looked at it and we had NEVER done the jacket before. Someone had a go at it, but it was 5th grader work and there is no way in hell that either the head tailor (former owner with 40+years of experience) or I (20+years) would have ever done that job or let it out the door looking like that. The pants however, I had done in the past, twice. Each time a different spot in the seat had ripped. It wasn't just the stitches popping, the fabric was worn so thin that it was tearing like onion paper. I told them last time that I wouldn't be able to fix them anymore. They are dead now. The cleaner was like "Well, he said to just do whatever to them, it doesn't matter what it looks like, 'cause he is sitting down all day!" ... Well it matters to me. I don't like to let things leave the shop looking like crap. It hurts my reputation. Besides, if he sits down all day and doesn't care... why can't he go to a shop and get a new pair of pants? The only repair I could do would look horrible AND it would cost him $20. He could get another pair of navy pants for that much at Walmart or Value Village.

d.batty: I will always read books! ... I just wish I had more money to buy them.
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best parts- learning new things. already knowing a lot from my own reading, so having a fairly easy time studying, and being able to help other students understand the concepts. That when I'm done with this, I can get out of retail, get a lab job (I LOVE benchwork! this is apparently rare in bio majors. most of my classmates want to go to med school) where I get to do science all day and not deal with the general public.

worst parts- worrying about availability of classes for the next semester, sometimes getting stuck with awful teachers (of the 'put up a powerpoint and read from it, test on minutia that even professors usually have to look up' type)

Custom Framing:
best parts- seeing some really neat art, and customers who understand that good framing is something worth spending decent money on. Getting to stay in the frame shop where I can have my own radio, and avoid most non-framing customers. doing the actual framing work. it's not hard, but it's precise, and appeals to my slight OCD tendencies. I love when I can get everything perfectly squared and centered, no dust in it, and backing paper with no slack.

worst parts-
not being able to sit except on break. my feet hurt so much after a long day.
Most customers. specifically:
-Customers who ring the button on my table just to ask where the bathroom is (under the sign that says 'restrooms') or where some other thing is (usually on the other side of the store). I swear they don't even walk around to look for it themselves.
-Customers who want custom work for the price of off-the-shelf things. The shelf frames are mass produced MDF from china, the custom is solid wood, put together by hand to order, and all conservation grade, it's going to be a lot more expensive. Don't bitch at me that you didn't realize that.
-Customers who bitch that I usually can't cut a mat while they wait. I'm sorry that you 'need this for the wedding tomorrow' (should have planned that one a bit bettter...) but if I've got other customers, or I'm working on another project that fills my table, or if it's 30 minutes till the store closes, then NO, I won't be able to hand-cut your mat while you wait for it. come back tomorrow or go somewhere else (oh yeah, the other place is already closed!).
-Customers who insist on seeing at least 2/3 of our mat and frame samples because they're so picky, take over an hour to pick what they like, and then only want a quote because they were just comparing our price to a competitor. SO MUCH HATE. if you want a price quote, I can give you that in 10 minutes. just let me know up front. we only have a few price categories of each item, so you don't have to pick the exact thing you want. just '2 wide fancy mats, a big ornate frame, and the non-glare glass' is enough for an estimate.