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Favorite Artist?


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SFW or NSFW artists? Or both?


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Shenanimation - has a very unique style and writes two of probably funniest furry-related webcomics you can find on the web. A guy with outstanding skill in character design and sense of humor.
TealfulEyes - doesn't draw too often on public nowadays, but like an aforementioned artist, he's really good at making colorful and unique characters. One of the more inspiring examples - a furry hobbyist turned professional and successful artist with some works for Blizzard and Games Workshop in his portfolio.
Azakui - very stylish and versatile - one of those artists who can draw anything well without relying on long-learned presets and make great artwork out of it. An amazing person too - in fact, she was the one who returned me to drawing stuff after months of me contemplating whether I should keep going with it or not, (mind you, I was a just a random friendly stranger back then - how many popular artists you can find who help out random friendly strangers for the sake of it?) something I still appreciate to this day, so this is a more personal pick of all three.
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Junji Ito dose amazing gore art but only in grey scale. Dose lots of comics too.


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My number one favorite is RUdragon. Next would be Silverfox5213. Their styles are so unique and everything to do is fantastic.


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Kellwolfik is really fun to get commissions from.
My personal favorite is Chris Scalf, but I don't think he has a furaffinity.