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Favorite Artists that Influenced You the Most?


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Name your favorite artists that made an impact - be it in your art style, quality standard, aesthetic etc.

I credit Ktshy & Miyuli for being the biggest influence on my lineart, movement, & expressions



My attention to detail is thanks to Kaoru Mori of Emma, a Victorian Romance, Tracy of Lackadaisy, and Trinity Blood artists: Shibamoto Thores and Kiyo Kujo




Thanks to the artists that inspired me, I've established my own style.
I also found a new muse by the name of Wildering on FA and will strive to upgrade my skills to be on par with them.

How about you?


Quite a lot artists were inspiring to me... Overall my adventure with art started when I was really little and my dad took me to art gallery with Beksiński's works and I found them to be amazing, albeit bizzare and creepy. Probably not good for a child but no regrets :v
afterwards I appreciated classics like Dali's or Magritte's surrealistic works and I like doodling bizarre/creepy landscapes or animations from time to time now.

More recent inspirations:
Sylar113's DeviantArt Gallery great color usage and that painting-like style in digital
TamberElla's DeviantArt Gallery animal related stuff
ariduka55.tumblr.com: Portfolio I love how she can tell whole stories with her pictures only, goalsss


In grade school I was definitely *that* Disney kid with a notebook full of eyeball-copied Simba drawings. It was so hard to pause the VHS on the right frame XD

I also drew a lot of inspiration from burdge-bug on DeviantArt and her Harry Potter fanart! There was also a horse artist...I think she went by TackRack? But she deleted and wiped all her work from the internet.

As for currently... Ofcowardiceandkings 's style blows my mind. Also Wild-Hearts!


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I still have a sheet on a lackadaisy fan oc who still has her charm(made it after reading one of her tutorials on expressions,so didn't give her a real story but any who)

I just rip things off left right n' centre so don't have major influences. But can't go without saying demonML, whiluna, Sandara, culpeo-fox and one other guys name that just slips my memory (the artist who did all the photo realistic Pokemon) have been long time favourite creature creators. Having always been making up creatures as a kid it was awesome to find others doing that sorta thing.

Rowkey, drachenmagier, windfalcon and oddeum are also very inspiring traditional artists, makes me realy want to work on my watercolour skills.

I also love the 2d styles of Pikaole and tasteslikeany (her animations are just so fun), convinced me to try out my own line less 2d style

And I don't know what alexandreev does exactly, but I wanna slice of that :3


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All artist links below are NSFW, so beware.

Justmegabenewell is my favourite artist and the biggest inspiration to me right now.

Kokuhane, WFA, and DaftPatriot are all superstars as far as more toony art goes, and their work has all influenced my style in some way or another.

Darkgem, Null-Ghost, and MystikFox61 are the reasons I was motivated to ever try a more digital-painting-y style.

Lastly, I need to mention Narse, whose Charizard art was the first furry art I ever saw and was one of the main reasons I became a furry at all. Really sad about the hardship he encountered in his personal life and how drastically the fallout from that reduced the quality of his art since then.